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Your Christmas Day Beauty Plan

It's Christmas Eve! And when you wake up tomorrow morning, I suggest the following.
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1. Smile!

2. Give the significant other / cat or dog friend / stuffed animal lying next to you a big fat Christmas kiss.

3. Jump out of bed. Hopefully you're wearing some suitably festive pajamas, like these:


Maybe button up your shirt though.

4. Play this song. Don't tell me the Jingle Cats aren't a holiday classic.

5. Run a brush through your hair, slick on some tinted lip balm and perhaps freshen up your skin with some facial towelettes. What you're aiming for at this point in the day is PJ Chic. (Can't be bothered? THINK OF THE PHOTOS.)

6. Eat WHATEVER you want for breakfast. (And lunch. And dinner—although turkey is, most likely, on the menu.) Today is not the day to think about sticking to your diet. Or squeezing in a workout. Let. It. Go. These special holiday meals (and oh-so-many-snacks-in-between-meals) only happen once a year, and what do you want to remember? That you had the willpower to refuse that piece of fudge or rum-spiked glass of eggnog? Or that you had a blast, bonded with the fam and (cheese alert) created memories that will last a lot longer than that number on the scale? Give yourself permission to just ENJOY.


7. Watch the people you love open the (awesome) gifts you selected for them. Feel warm and fuzzy inside. (And probably you will look all radiant and glowy too. You know—that whole inner beauty thing.)

8. Call or Skype or text some peeps to wish them a merry Christmas. Feel even warmer and fuzzier.

9. Wear something red. I like a good old-fashioned Christmas sweater myself.

10. Carry on the theme in your makeup and/or hair. Yes, it's all about the theme today. The red lip is an obvious choice. I love the low-key way that LC rocks hers:



But perhaps you want to go for gold and sparkly eyelids like The Alba. (Not sure this will go with the Christmas sweater, but whatevs.)


For your hair, maybe it's the WASP in me but I love a festive hairband, Blair Waldorf-styles.


11. Eat, drink and be merry! See #6. Have that second helping, eat three desserts, do not pass go, and then... pass out on the couch. (Oh, and steal a kiss under the mistletoe if you're lucky.)

12. Know that I think you are AWESOME! And that I'm wishing you the bestest, most beautiful Christmas EVAH! Thanks for reading.