The Best Celebrity Examples of Bright Makeup

From yellow liner to purple shadow to orange lips, these celebs are embracing colour like whoa!
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Toldjah! Colourful makeup was one of my 2011 trend predictions—as in orange and fuchsia lips and all kinds of brights on the eyes—and whaddaya know. We're not even halfway through January and already I'm seeing my pet trends on our celebrity friends.

I love when that happens, because even though they're celebs (and therefore have makeup artists and derms and facialists on speed dial), they're still a fraction less genetically perfect than the teenage freaks of nature who initially demonstrate this stuff on the runways. So, you know, we can get ideas from them on how WE can wear these shades.

And ideas we need because brights, understandably, can be scary. But if beauty editors—who typically don't wear much makeup—have embraced them (and they HAVE, because anytime I'm at an event these days I'm swimming in a sea of fuchsia lips), then you can too...

But first, eyes! (Which are harder than lips.) I'll understand if you choose NOT to embrace the yellow eyeliner that Rachel McAdams was sporting at the London premiere of Morning Glory. Here's a closer look:


Remember when we saw a version of this on Scarlett Johansson last year?


Whereas Scarlett's yellow takes the place of a highligher at the inner corners, Rachel's is inspired by the Derek Lam spring/summer '11 show (just in yellow instead of orange):


I still think I prefer the ScarJo version (it's a bit more subtle when paired with the smoky eye), but PROPS to Rach for giving this a try. And wearing it in the exactly right way (read: not much other makeup).

Speaking of brights on the eyes, we already knew Nicole Richie was a big fan of the purples, but it's so delightful to see her wearing them comme ça:


How fab is the application? All the way around the eye and the extended up at the outer corners. Too cool, Nic.

Moving on to lips... I've had more than a few readers comment that they don't think they could evah wear orange lipstick. Oh noes? May I present Miss Lucy Hale (from Pretty Little Liars)...


Now yes, she's verrry close to the matchy-matchy orange lids n' lips that I dissed on Mila Jovovich, but not quite (probably the black hair and beige-coloured dress saves her). But how good does that lip look? Everyone expects you to bust out Old Friend Red (lipstick), but the orange is fresher, younger, more modern... yada yada yada. You know what I mean.

But if pink is still more your style, take a peek at how Cameron Diaz is wearing hers. With—gasp!—a RED dress:


I'm really feeling that pink + red combo and I def want to try that this summer, when I'm more (faux) tanned. You? Again—the red, while okay, would've been too easy. Do you see now?

Still, I'm not altogether bashing red here. You may recall when the spring/summer '11 shows were happening, I showed you a "smokin' hot update" for it, as per the Gucci show.

And said update is to add a super-shiny, vinyl-looking finish just like Mena Suvari has here:


Yes, Mena looks a little scary here, but I do like these lips. Sexy sexy sexy in that Robert Palmer way.

And speaking of red... I know this is a makeup post, but we MUST discuss Khloé Kardashian again. (Sorry for all this Kardashian talk in one week.) She not only *still* has red hair (which you know I was against), but has now gone back to the salon to make it even MORE red. Behold:


Yikes. I'm all for adding more colour to our lives, but not this kind of colour. Are you with me now?

As for the other celebs...

What do you think of all this colourful makeup?
Which celeb do you think wears it best?
Aren't you glad Rachel McAdams is Canadian? We heart you, Rach.