3 London Fashion Week Hair Trends to Copy at Home

The coolest hair on the catwalk.
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The coolest hair on the catwalk.

You can always count on the Brits, during London Fashion Week, to bring the crazy. Nestled in between the low-key Burberry Prorsums and Aquascutums and Pringle of Scotlands and Mulberrys (ies?) are designers like Meadham Kirchhoff, Louise Grey and Vivienne Westwood. And THEY send models down the runway with, respectively, two-toned ringlets, polka dots all over their faces, or—even worse—complexions entirely clad in gold leaf.

This is why, last season, the only London show I blogged about was Twenty8Twelve. (That poppy lipstick colour, by the way, remains to this day one of my all-time favourite looks.)

But for this season's LFW coverage, I want to talk about hair, not makeup. Because I've noticed a few things, first in New York, and now across the pond, that are screaming "DING! DING! DING! WE HAVE A HAIR TREND."

Also? I have good news. No mad hair skillz required.


This is from Burberry Prorsum:


I don't know about you, but my hair kind of looks like this already when I wake up in the morning. Surprisingly, the messy texture was the goal (they actually used prodz to get it this way—can you believe?). This is a quote from the hair artist, Neil Moodie for Bumble and Bumble: “It should only take two minutes to do so she can spend the rest of her time getting dressed!”


Here's the look from the front:


Okay, maybe I'm digging this low pony thing a bit more now—although some of us would probably wear it a little neater, like the version at Christopher Kane:


Or with a headband like at Jonathan Saunders:


Lest you think this is just a London thing, back in New York, Diane von Furstenberg (whose red lippery we also raved about last week) showcased a looser but still sleek version:


And low ponies also made an appearance at NYFW at Vera Wang (home of the Serious Eyeshadow, which you guys almost unanimously hated):


These ones were pulled out for some extra volume above the elastics (clear ones, by the way—if you don't own, you really should invest).

So, you know, it's a flexible look—you can play around with it. Just know that high, cheerleader-style ponies are Not Happening right now, 'kay?


Okay, so the braid thing's been kicking around for a while now, but it's still with us—specifically the fishtail braid. Here it is at Erdem:


This was a Charles Worthington creation that got some extra help from hair extensions and dry shampoo. And—stay with me here—it was all over New York, too, at Band of Outsiders:


And at Y-3:


Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Michelle! You said 'no mad hair skillz required.'"

Yes, I did say that. And since I've never been able to master even a French braid (and I call myself a beauty editor—ha!), there's no way I expect myself, or you, to do a fishtail. (There is a neat slideshow here, however, if you're a keener.)

Instead, I see no reason not to substitute the easy peasy REGULAR kind of braid. Because—hooray!—those are in style too. Like at Halston:


See? You get a look that's similar enough, but you just saved yourself two hours.

Oh, and if you feel like wrapping it around your head (a la Rachel Roy),


or braiding the under-layers (seen at Charlotte Ronson),


those braid looks are on-trend too!


If you're a side-parter, this is an easy one to implement for an instant beauty change. It's also nice to see it a bit sleeker than the texturey version I first told you about during the S/S '11 shows. For example, I heart the Temperley London look:


And not just because I love the red lips. (We're going to talk more about red lips soon, I promise, because there have been so very many good ones and I need to give them their own post.)

Which reminds me, I didn't show you Ralph Lauren yet (from New York), which, like Temperley London, features red lips AND a side part:


The gorgessity is almost too much to take, isn't it?

Things got a bit more voluminous at Emilio de la Morena:


And then full-blown glamorous at Roksanda Ilincic, who you may recall went with a similar disco-inspired theme for F/W '10.


Did you notice the brushed-out waves? I've been talking about them since the fall, and they're still a big deal. Glossy brown lips optional.

So that's London, folks! Tell me:

What do you think of these hair trends?
Do you think you might copy one—or all—of them at home?
If you do try a DIY job, I would feel irresponsible if I also did not warn you with these images of what NOT to do. (See, I told you London was kinda crazy...)

The wrong kind of low pony:


The wrong kind of braids:


And the wrong kind of centre part (among other things):