Chanel Says the Colour of the Moment is Gunmetal

In both eyeshadow and nail polish. (And so we must listen. We must!)
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In both eyeshadow and nail polish. (And so we must listen. We must!)

As everyone knows, Chanel is the ne plus ultra in beauty (as well as fashion—duh!). My heart may belong to YSL, product-wise, but in terms of setting trends, Chanel gets the edge just about every time.

This is why it always gets its very own post, come Fashion Week. There is so much we need to discuss! Not only does the brand bang out a few things we've already seen in New York, Paris and London—making them big-time trends fo' realsies now—but they also do brand new stuff with their very own special Chanel twist. Mais oui!

This time around, it's all about the metallics, specifically a silvery gunmetal shade that made its way on to the eyelids (more about the application in a sec) and, mixed with some green, on the nails. You. Will. Love.

FO' REALSIE BEAUTY TREND #1: Eyeshadow all the way up to the eyebrows.


As Randy Jackson would say, check it out, check it ouuuut. While the full-on eyeshadow thing was a tad scary at 3.1 Phillip Lim, and doubly scary when done in orange (like at Thakoon), silver is infinitely more wearable.

This particular shade is called Épatant, and it's from Chanel's new Illusion d'Ombre cream eyeshadow collection, which debuts this fall. (We saw the prodz first at the Fendi show, which ALSO featured eyeshadow all the way up to the brows, but in purple.) The shadows will come in trios, and the other two colours in this palette are Mirifique—a shimmery black which was used at the outer corners of the eyes—and Émerveille, a shimmery white that went at the centre of the top and bottom lids. Purty.

FO' REALSIE BEAUTY TREND #2: Eyeshadow underneath the lower lashes.


Yep, this is another one that's important for any future eyeshadow application, laydeez: please apply it all the way around the eye.

Because these are cream shadows, Chanel's Peter Philips used his fingers, but he says you can also use an angled brush for an eyeliner effect.

FO' REALSIE BEAUTY TREND #3: Black eyeliner.


So remember all the new and fully sick ways to wear eyeliner that we saw in Milan? Well, the take-home message is that it kind of doesn't matter what you DO with your eyeliner, you just need to wear it. In black.

The Chanel interpretation comes courtesy of the cream eyeshadow, Mirifique (applied with a brush and just ever-so-slightly winged out at the edges), plus Chanel Le Crayon Yeux in Khaki Platine on the waterlines.

FO' REALSIE BEAUTY TREND #4: Chunky mascara.


I know not all y'all are gonna like this one, but I'm feelin' it. I am. We saw it at Gianfranco Ferré, and then Chloé, and now here. So it's happening, folks. BOOYAH! Time to stock up on some L'Oréal Paris Voluminous (which is the bomb, by the way).

And now for a couple of brand new, super-special things that we HAVEN'T seen before!

The hair is awesome blossom—low side buns adorned with pretty hairpieces and with loose, longish side bangs in the front.

From the back:


And from the front:


And the nails... oh my goodness, the nails. This is the new It colour, Graphite, which will be out this fall (and sure to require waiting lists).


Hand-mixed to match the gunmetal eyes, it's an iridescent green-gray that alternatively reads as pewter or gold, depending on the way the light hits.

It's also more subtle than last season's Black Pearl, and I like it very, very much. Le sigh.

UPDATE: Found a close-up!


Are you feeling the F/W '11 beauty look from Chanel?
Do you think this gunmetal colour would allow you to do all these crazee things with your eyeshadow application?
What about the nails—will you be joining the wait list for Graphite?