Come Swoon Over the Hair at DKNY and Oscar de la Renta

Soft waves and wild curls.
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Soft waves and wild curls.

Oh, models. As if I wasn't already jealous of their genetic freakiness in height and facial features, now I'm coveting their hair. Specifically from two shows, DKNY and Oscar de la Renta, where I basically want to BE these girls. Probably it's a side effect of living with limp, fine, flat hair all my life—show me thickness and volume and waves, and I drool. And also, maybe I'm being hypocritical after suggesting you all get a lob or a bob, but this summer I was suddenly struck with the desire to grow my hair long. I mean, it's already long, but now I want it longER—like, model long.

The ladies at DKNY are my new inspiration. Sure, they got a little help from extensions (which I have no plans to adopt personally), but I'm crossing my fingers that some day in the near future I will be able to approximate this look with the liberal use of texturizing and thickening products. Over at Oscar, it's more a case of wanting what I don't have; specifically, a wild mass of pre-Raphaelite curls. Come see!


Okay, seriously—how is this fair? I want the colour, the texture, the length... everything. The inspiration was "summer in the Hamptons" and so Eugene Souleiman (after adding the extensions) spritzed with a beach texturizer from Wella before twisting and pinning the hair into low buns. Then, to set, he applied heat from a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment before a final blast of cool air.

When it was taken out and loosened up with the fingers, it looked like this:


We could totes do this at home, right? I love it because it's not stick-straight; it has a bit of a bend. Pure Model Hair.

Also, just an aside... I know we are talking about hair today, but I just have to mention this makeup. I don't know if it's this specific model or what (because I also loved her in this post), but her lips always look fantastic:


What's on them is Maybelline New York Color Sensational High Shine Lip Color (which I reviewed in this video) in Glisten Up Pink, with Baby Lips Lip Balm in Quenched on top. I think her lips are super-pigmented so it reads a bit darker than on the other ladies.

And now moving on to Oscar de la Renta:


Okay, we can skip the headpiece, probably, but don't you love the "cloud hair?" (That's what they're calling this.) Of course, it will look familiar if you remember the Marc by Marc Jacobs version, and the more wearable (less frizzy) street interpretation that Gwen Stefani stepped out with back in the spring.


Truthfully, I think I like it best on blondes, just because it's so unexpected—and probably because Daphne Groeneveld (the one with the LIPS) is my new model crush this season. Can I squeeze in another photo of her? This one with a more modest headpiece:


But here's another take on a slightly darker hair colour:


And this is also beautiful with the reddish highlights:


So if your hair won't do this at home, you CAN get the look if you are so inclined (and have some free time on your hands). Hairstylist Orlando Pita created dozens of tiny braids and then pressed each one between the plates of a flat iron to set them. Once they cooled, he took the braid out and brushed (A LOT) to get this mad volume. Finish with hairspray.

What do you think?

Would you love to have long, beachy locks like the DKNY girls?
Or are you more into the extreme curls at Oscar de la Renta?
Do you have a crush on Daphne Groeneveld as well? I'd almost spring for injections if I thought they'd give me lips like that... wow.