Giorgio Armani's Double Flick is the Newest Trend in Eyeliner

Like winged liner? You'll love this!
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Like winged liner? You'll love this!

Graphic eyeliner—all hard lines, non-smudgy and in black, natch—is one of the big trends for fall 2011. (Pssst! There shall be a magazine article published in the near future about this very topic and written by yours truly.) Remember back in March when I pointed out all of the "new and fully sick" ways to wear your eyeliner? There was the tear duct dip at DSquared²; the heavy '60s eyes at D&G; the hook-less wing at Gianfranco Ferré; and of course, the double lines at Giorgio Armani.

It was all so exciting because really, who knew there were so many things you could do with a simple black pencil? And now I have to tell you that the trend is going to continue into spring (although you probably already knew that from the Amy Winehouse-style eyes we saw in London). The master of ALL the eyeliner tricks in the book, Giorgio Armani—or more correctly, their international makeup artist, Linda Cantello—has just come up with another variation that will knock your socks off.

Also? It's a lot softer than the fall eye, and in fact doesn't need to involve an actual eyeliner at all (!), which should make things easier for everyone.

I like to call it The Double Flick, but you might say The Double Wing too. Here it is on Miss Coco Rocha (who I will remind you to NEVER stand next to in a photograph).


See how there are two lines at the outer corners? Clever, clever. And apparently it's a technique from the 1930s, involving a half-moon shape. (What IS it with the '30s and half-moons? Because the half-moon mani is also a '30s thing. Back in the day, ladies used to leave their moons bare... although now, as you know, we're seeing all kinds of colours on the moon as well.)

Anyway, this pic shows you how it's done:


All over the lid is a brand new Eyes to Kill shadow called Mother of Pearl that will be available next year... and like its name indicates, it'll have a shimmery pastel finish. (I'll be lining up for this one if my beloved Armani Eyes to Kill Intense shadow pots are any indication. Check out this vid for my review.)

Then, Linda used not an actual eyeliner but a new shadow called Ecaille (a blackened green) to trace all of the lines with an angled brush. First, along the upper lash line, and then the half-moon shape in the crease.

That way, when the models opened their eyes, you get this double flick:


Do you love it? I seriously do—it's kind of a more wearable version of what we saw in New York with the slashes of eyeshadow hovering above the crease. And I think with the two lines it helps to open up the eyes more, don't you think?

UPDATE: Armani's PR just sent through more intel—here's another way you can get the look:

  • Use Smooth Silk Eye Pencil No. 4 (Black) to draw along the lash line—the line should be straight and going outward. Go over the line with Eyes to Kill shadow No. 20.
  • Use the Maestro Eyeliner No. 1 (Black) to thicken the line and create depth.
  • To create the second line, use Smooth Silk Eye Pencil No. 4 again and draw from the beginning of the eye socket, leaving the middle blank and then continuing to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Dab Eyes to Kill shadow No. 23 on the outer side of the lid, going into the brow and outside the corner of the eye.
  • Curl the lashes and apply Eyes to Kill Stretching Mascara No. 1 (Black).

I imagine this, with the soft texture, will also be a little easier to DIY than last season's Armani eye. It was more precise and also featured a double line—but with one coming from the lower lid:


And just watch: I think we'll be seeing celebs adopting both of these trends. In fact, Kim Kardashian (I KNOW) is already a fan of the fall '11 Armani double line, although she wears it in her own special way.


And InStyle JUST did an awesome shoot with up-and-comer Amber Heard featuring a more runway version of the double lines:


Tell me:

Are you a fan of these Armani liner looks?
Which one do you prefer—the new double flick on the upper lid? Or last season's top and bottom liner?
Feeling brave enough to try either one?