The Top Beauty Trends From London Fashion Week

Mega-blush, headbands, floating liner... and the French manicure?
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Mega-blush, headbands, floating liner... and the French manicure?

And you know what's kind of exciting? While London used to get a little neglected—sandwiched as it was between the more high-profile Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan and Paris—change is in the air! First of all, there's that whole royalty/Kate Middleton/Issa dress thing. (That's the Issa London show in the pic above—gorge, right?) And Moschino Cheap & Chic, which used to show in Milan, moved this season to London... mused that it said something about London's current "energy."

Now, I'm always a bit leery when people start talking about "energy," especially when there are implied quotation marks. (Once, a guy told me I had good "energy" and I simply could NOT date him. Ew.) However, I will concede that I'm feeling the vibes when it comes to a few of London's new beauty trends. Let's take a look:

Temperley London


As you all know (and those super-polite YouTube commenters like to remind me), when it comes to blush I like to set my makeup gun to wh*re. Therefore, I'm all over any sort of look that features blush as the defining element. Temperley London is always a fave because they like to use these juicy cherry reds on the models' lips (last fall) or cheeks (this fall). It looks pretty over-the-top in the above pic, I know, but look how cute it is here:


(How great is that hat, by the way? My friend N. has one that she bought at Winners and I'm always jealous.)

Okaaaay, so maybe the above IS just slightly too much blush. But you get the idea. The Issa show demonstrates a more toned-down version, along with a wonderful stained lip in the same colour family. I love this pic (and this model) so much that I just have to show you it again:

Issa London


So far, this is my fave beauty shot of the season, no question.

Moschino Cheap & Chic


Apparently the hairstylist Orlando Pita, because he knows things, predicted that the headband would be making a comeback this season. And it is! (Before London, it was at Oscar de la Renta, and Carolina Herrera.) But it's not happening in a Blair Waldorf sort of way. On the runways, it's been used more to tame humongous backcombed hair, which you may or may not care to wear in real life. The take-home message is to pair a headband with hair that has at least a little bit of volume, and consider a wider, looser, fabric-textured headband like this one at Moschino Cheap & Chic.



Now here's a trend that designers are really hammering into us in hopes that we "get" it. Graphic eyeliner—you know, with hard, blunt lines and left un-smudged—has been a thing for at least a couple of seasons now. And while it started off drawn close to the lash line, now it's hovering all over the place. (Remember the gappy liner from NYFW?) Here, at Erdem in London, it's a floating flick at the outer corners. You can see it way better here:


I like it in an admiring-it-from-afar kind of way, if you know what I mean.

Topshop Unique


OMGOMGOMG. Ever since I joined Twitter, I've been busting out the anti-French manicure hashtag tweet every so often, as if they are the worst thing in the world. I'm still going to hold on to French PEDICURES as being horrible... but hands? Like everything in beauty, never say never. I have to admit that they fit in really well with this whole nude nails trend. (In case you haven't heard, one of the big spring colour trends for nails is the creamy, milky, pinky, beiegy nudes. Like mannequin hands.) I have to applaud Topshop Unique for being the first brand to take the plunge.

Oh, and FYI if you are wanting to get on board with this one, YSL makes a very nice French mani kit in pen form:


Tell me:

Which one of these looks is your favourite?
Is that still too much blush?
Would you say yes to the French mani or is it forever dead to you?