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MTV Video Music Awards 2012: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Miley and Pink are twinsies, Rihanna chops her hair, and my girl Holland is on the rise.
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It would be nice if, just once, September didn't have to beat us all over the head with her arrival. I returned from a leisurely two weeks beachside to the jolt of Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out, TIFF, multiple magazine events and deadlines... and of course, the topic at hand, MTV's Music Video Awards (held last Thursday in L.A.). It's like I was having the best sleep of my life and then someone rudely turned on the lights, yanked back the covers and jumped all over the bed. Know what I mean?

But even though it would be nice if all of this stuff didn't have to happen simultaneously, the show must go on... and there is so much beauty news we've got to get cracking on!

Let's start with Miley's hairdo.

Miley Cyrus - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

You guys! What is going on here? The last time we checked in on Miles, she'd just gotten rid of her very, VERY good hair in favour of this platinum punk thing.

And I was okay with that. Sort of. I mean, it looked cute in her Twitpics.

But this? This is a little bit borderline Susan Powter for my tastes.

Susan Powter

Stop the insanity, Miley! Or maybe it's just that I feel uncomfortable with undercuts coupled with multiple safety pins in people's ears.

The funny thing is that by comparison, Pink looks positively tame.

Pink - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

Weird, right? Do you think they planned it?

For me, it's a really authentic thing for Pink to wear this hair—it's just her. But with Miley, I don't know. I can't help but think it's part of a greater plot to gain more attention and fame.

And speaking of attention-getting hair moves, I think we can all agree that Rihanna is the reigning queen. The latest news is that she, too, has gone for the chop:

Rihanna - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

I can support this. It's kind of nice to see a more natural look after all we've been through with RiRi.

Same thing goes for Katy Perry, who (it appears) has realized what we all do after boarding the hair colour carousel. Usually, the shade you started out with is best.

Katy Perry - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

Because I really can't take it in her "Wide Awake" video where she's got the purple hair and roots and clashing burgundy lipstick... ugh.

Then again, some people play it safe way too often, obvi. Feel free to hit the snooze button now while I show you Taylor Swift. (Nothing to see here, folks.)

Taylor Swift - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

My favourite celeb of the night was Emma Watson. (Stone, you've got competition.)

Emma Watson - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

This girl just gets more and more adorable by the minute. (Have you seen her in this gallery yet? I think that was the pic that started my latest fangirldom.) Here, I'm totally into the high-gloss fuchsia lip and aMAZing brows and skin. You also must check out the hair, which cannot be fully appreciated until you see the side view:

Emma Watson - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

So, so beautiful. It's, like, the perfect messy bun-braid combo.

I also need to give credit where it's due, and let Demi Lovato know that her look is a huge improvement over that insane ponytail we saw on her last red carpet:

Demi Lovato - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

Right? I mean, it's still totally unnatural-looking... but it's a start.

Meanwhile, the normally flawless Zoë Saldana was the biggest disappointment:

Zoe Saldana - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

I know what she was trying to do with this hair, but it's a tricky look to pull off. As you can see, one false move and you just look like you lost your hairbrush.

And the last look of the night I need to show y'all is my girl Holland Roden. I know, I know, not all of you agree (not by a long shot) that she's a celeb worth beauty-channelling. Even still, the fact that she was there is a sure sign she's getting more famous:

Holland Roden - MTV Video Music Awards 2012

She just needs to lose the duck lip expression and maybe her thing for bouffant hairstyles, and we'll be good. Because I can't help but love her hair colour (I'm biased; it's the same as mine) and her lipstick choices.

Check out the full image gallery to see all the looks from the night, and then tell me:

How do you feel about this Miley and Pink platinum punk hair thing?
Or just the apparent trend towards short hair in general?
Which of these looks would you most want to imitate? Which ones are too sad/scary?