Mega-Bright Eye Makeup's Gonna Be a Mega-Big Trend (Eeks!)

At least if Peter Som, Donna Karan and Michael Kors have anything to do with it.
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At least if Peter Som, Donna Karan and Michael Kors have anything to do with it.

Okay folks, here we go! Spring Fashion Week is well under way (just one more day left, today, in New York, and yes I know someone was a bit tardy commencing the coverage!). But that just gave us a little more time to digest what was happening... and trust me, I think this trend's going to need our FULL powers of digestion.

May I present Donna Karan S/S '13:

Donna Karan - Spring 2013 beauty

Deep breaths.

So I think I know what's happening here. It's an evolution of the colour palette Donna was playing with last season—which was actually quite pretty. Remember this?

Donna Karan - Fall 2012 makeup

I wrote about the whole pink/red/orange eyeshadow trend here, and I still stand by the opinion that it can be gorgeous. But here's the thing. You can't then go and riff off of Stella McCartney's coloured eyelashes from F/W '12:

Stella McCartney - Fall 2012 beauty

Yes, this coloured mascara freaking amazing in blue... but Donna. Donna! CLEARLY it just don't work in hot pink.

Because if even the model looks sickly then what hope is there for the rest of us? I don't think anyone even bothered sending me a how-to breakdown for this one because they know it ain't gonna happen.

But there IS a broader point to my showing that pic, and that's to present you with evidence of the movement toward brights around the eyes, period. See, Stella's fall look was just a taste of what was to come.

Here's what's happening for spring at Michael Kors:

Michael Kors - Spring 2013 beauty

Now THIS is a little more wearable. Although maybe you'd like to place the liner close to the lashes instead of having it float there above the crease.

Although that, too, is a "thing." Do you remember when I talked about this eyeliner/eyeshadow placement when we saw the Peter Som show last spring?

Peter Som - Spring 2012 beauty

And also Creatures of the Wind?

Creatures of the Wind - Spring 2012 makeup

So yeah, like the bright colour thing, floating your liner is a look that's been brewing for a while now. But back to spring '13. Here's what the Kors eyes look like closed:

Michael Kors - Spring 2013 beauty

They're not even TRYING to blend the colour. It's just unapologetically THERE, kind of mimicking the line of the brows.

Personally, I'd feel much more comfortable with something that connected it to the lash line. Something more anchored. Like this look for spring at Ohne Titel:

Ohne Titel - Spring 2013 beauty

Right? It's like the best of both worlds. Kind of. Granted, you'd need to be pretty damn artistic to get those sweeping curves and pointed edges.

Look closely, and you'll see the Stella influence here too—girl is wearing blue mascara. (I'm kind of obsessed with that blue mascara. Stella is so awesome.)

Anyway, if going Ohne still is too much (and of course it is), here's a more wearable version at Rebecca Minkoff:

Rebecca Minkoff - Spring 2013 beauty

It's that same bright greeny-blue but just at the inner corners, close to the lash line, where you'd normally be inclined to apply an iridescent silver or white or golden highlighter.

I like this twist! You? I think we shall all have to try it. The great thing is that it's totally non-scary if you do it like this model here, with the rest of your makeup and hair just simple and pretty.

Alas, the next few looks I have to show you (to offer up more proof of this trend) don't work quite as well off the runway. Getting back to the burgundy thing, here's this year's Creatures of the Wind spring look:

Creatures of the Wind - Spring 2013 beauty

What's hilarious is that the people behind this were inspired by the idea of "monstrous beauty." Are they effing with us? Sometimes I really do think they are.

But you know, it's runway, not real life. And with that in mind, I actually have an appreciation for what Peter Som did this year with his makeup. (Well, not HIS his, but his models.) Check this out:

Peter Som - Spring 2013 beauty

Super gorgeous, yes? In a My Little Pony sort of way, obviously. Still, I really, REALLY can't advise that you try this one at home. Stick with the Minkoff.

Now, let's talk:

Are you feeling the bright-eye trend?
Would you try it with mascara? Liner? A wash of shadow?
What do you think of the floating liner look?