Will White Be the Next Big Colour Trend in Nail Polish?

If New York Fashion Week is any indication, then yes.
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If New York Fashion Week is any indication, then yes.
Rag & Bone - Spring 2013 nails

I think it might be.

We'll have to wait and see what Chanel does in Paris, of couse (because whatever they put out is always the ne plus ultra in nail polish for each season). But if you go by the shade they had for spring '12, it was a metallic white (Le Vernis in Attraction) and I think a foreshadowing of what was to come:

Chanel - Spring 2012 makeup

Pretty, right? And feels so clean and fresh after all the nail art craziness.

So now let's fast forward to spring '13. The first show that made me take notice of this white nail polish becoming an Official Thing was Rag & Bone. Half the models wore this opaque white (that's it in the pic at the very top, too):

Rag & Bone - Spring 2013 nails

Here's a closer look:

Rag & Bone - Spring 2013 nails

The polish is Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Spirit (apparently available January 2013). I'm not sure how I feel about the flatness of it though. It sort of has a Wite-Out quality to it—did anyone else paint their nails with liquid paper in grade school? You just never know where designers will get their inspiration, guys!

Seriously though, it's the opaqueness that makes the statement this season. Notice also the short, squarish nail shape. It's a little more wearable than what's coming up next from Kate Spade. Get ready for it:

Kate Spade - Spring 2013 nails

It's like, YOO HOO I'm wearing white nail polish, please look at me kthxbai. Yes?

Let's just leave the long pointy shape for the likes of Lady Gaga or Rihanna. Although the colour is a good one; it's Deborah Lippmann Amazing Grace.

And that's also what was used at Honor:

Honor - Spring 2013 nails

Two coats of Amazing Grace (pure white creme) and then one coat of Like A Virgin (also Lippmann), which is a sheer, bright white. I think the combo gives it less of a matte, "I put Liquid Paper on my nails" look—and of course, the shorter, squared off shape is much more wearable.

At Tibi there was also a square nail and bright opaque white with a hint of pink to it:

Tibi - Spring 2013 nails

No word yet on what that colour is.

If you're not ready to give up shiny nails, this Costello Tagliapietra shade could be up your alley:

Costello Tagliapietra - Spring 2013 nails

It's Essie Nail Polish in Minimalistic (how fitting!)

Now, just in case you thought this was purely a runway thing, I've also spotted some celebs wearing this colour lately. Like Victoria Justice:

Victoria Justice - MTV Movie Awards 2012 nails

And Cassie!

Cassie - Cannes 2012 nails

Ha—did I not just say that long, pointy white was best left for beauty boundary-pushing female musicians? Perfect example.

So consider yourself warned. The white nail polish trend is on its way!

If you do want to jump on the trend now, Jin Soon Choi, the celebrity manicurist who did the Revlon nails for the Rag & Bone show, has a few tips:

  • File your nails in a short, square shape that is slightly rounded.
  • Smooth out the ridges with a thick base coat.
  • Always use THREE coats of white polish, as it ensures that it will look perfectly opaque and smooth.


Do you think this trend is white hot?
Which version do you prefer—matte or shiny? Square or pointy?
Do you have a fave white polish in your beauty arsenal? (A good one is so hard to find!)