Get Inspired by the Bold Lip Trend (Including the New Two-Toned Mouth!)

Go for hot pink, brick red... or both.
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Go for hot pink, brick red... or both.

Even though most fashion designers are attempting to move the bright-makeup focus from the lips to the eyes, out here in the trenches we're not budging. Not yet, anyway. So many of us have only JUST warmed to the concept of wearing shades like orange or fuchsia on our mouths. It's a big step. So no way are we trading that in to do the Michael Kors turquoise eyeliner, or Peter Som rainbow eyeshadow.

Not yet, anyway. And I think a couple of London designers recognize that: for spring, Giles and Burberry Prorsum served up big, happy-making doses of bright lipstick. And I'm telling you, the shades looked good on all the models. Okay, they ARE models... but you know how I said there are no rules anymore for colour matching? That applies now more than ever. If you like it, wear it!

So here we go. My favourite is the Giles hot pink:

Giles - Spring 2013 beauty

It's glorious and shocking and makes me wish for spring weather all over again.

The shade is MAC Lipstick in Embrace Me, dabbed over a layer of foundation (to keep the colour true) and then powdered at the end to make it matte. I'm betting it was applied with a lip brush, because you see how precisely the model's lips are drawn? You can't do that with the lipstick bullet alone.

Here it is, equally gorgeous, on a brunette:

Giles - Spring 2013 beauty

And also an Asian model:

Giles - Spring 2013 beauty

You know you want it.

To get the radiant skin, makeup artist Lucia Pieroni added highlights along the cheekbones and eyelids with MAC Cream Colour Base in Luna and Hush. That's it! These girls aren't even wearing mascara, so I suggest you go light on that as well (both in colour and application).

Over at Burberry Prorsum, the lip statement was in red:

Burberry Prorsum - Spring 2013 beauty

Can you believe this is Burberry? If you follow these shows closely, season after season, you know that they nevah, evah do colour on the lips. It's always neutral and glowy, but there is never a red lip.

WELL. This time, they were ready to switch things up with a deliberate retro, '40s vibe. And the mouth? It's Burberry Lipstick in Siren, a deeply pigmented brick red.

Again, it looks great on all the models (although unfortunately I don't think anyone had an African American girl—or at least, I couldn't get a pic). I like the red the best with Asian skin and hair:

Burberry Prorsum - Spring 2013 beauty

This one was also applied with a lip brush, but makeup artist Wendy Rowe blotted as she went to ensure it didn't look too "done."  So it's a little less precise than Giles.

Here it is on the bronde model:

Burberry Prorsum - Spring 2013 beauty

And once more you need to pay attention to the lack of mascara or any detectable eye makeup (although they are wearing some:  Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows in Pale Barley and Golden Trench, and a smudge of Burberry Eyeliner in Golden Brown under the eyes). Mostly it's about the luminous skin, which they owe to Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base. I've written about that prod before, and it's a keeper.

Okay, so now are you ready for final bit of lip news out of London?

It's the two-toned lip! Let's just say it's for people who liked the Giles pink, and liked the Burberry red, but simply cannot choose one... so they get to wear both. Together. At once.

Check it out at Holly Fulton:

Holly Fulton - Spring 2013 makeup

Like, whoa.

It's kind of... cool. Although I'm fairly certain that if you wore it in real life people would stare and get confused. And re-application would be sort of a bitch.

But! If you're so inclined, the shades are MAC Pro Lip Mix in Fuchsia in White, to create the neon pink; and MAC Pro Lip Mix in Orange through the middle in a rounded heart shape. To define and contour, the makeup artist Andrew Gallimore used MAC Lip Pencil in Embrace, which is new for spring 2013.

What say you?

Are you still into the bright lip look?
Do you prefer the Giles pink or the Burberry red?
Would you ever in a million years wear the two-toned lip?