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Try the "Mummy Mani" for Halloween

All of the cute, none of the goriness.
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Mummy manicure

Oysh! This manicure is so darn cute! If you're thinking of going a little more cutesy than gory with your nails this Halloween, then these mummy nails are for you. Don't let the list of all the things you need scare you away... most of them are optional, anyway. (Would I ever give you something too difficult to DIY? Exactly!)

What you need

Mummy manicure - products
  • Base and top coat
  • Cream nail polish (I used OPI Nail Lacquer in Let Them Eat Rice)
  • White nail polish (I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in White On—just $2.97 at; free shipping in Canada with no minimum order)
  • Black nail polish (I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Black Out—$2.97 at
  • Quo by Orly Dotter Duo Tool, found in their Instant Artist Kit (or just use a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil or toothpick)
  • Quo by Orly Detailer Brush, found in their Instant Artist Kit (or just use a fine-tipped paintbrush)

Step One

Paint your nails with a base coat. My favourite is Sally Hansen Miracle Cure ($7.64 at

After you've done that, apply your cream-coloured polish.

Mummy manicure - step 1

Step Two

Now it's time to mummify your nails!

All you need to do is grab your white colour, and make sure you have little polish on the brush. This works best for me if I just swipe the brush against the neck of the bottle a few times. Essentially, you want to wipe it off to the point where you would normally dunk it in again to re-fuel the brush. Now, just swipe the brush horizontally across your nails.

Mummy manicure - step 2

Pro tip: It's easiest if you pretend you are almost sweeping back and forth with the brush all over the nail.

Step Three

To create the mummy's eye slit (a.k.a. the black stripe on your ring finger), you can use different tools depending on the thickness you're after.

Mummy manicure - step 3

If you want to use the actual brush that comes in your bottle of black nail polish, then the eye slit will be much thicker. However, this is probably the most simple way to do it. All you need to do is ensure that you have enough polish on your brush, and then in one swift movement, swipe a horizontal line across the upper half of your nail.

If you want a thinner black line, you can use a teeny paintbrush or a detailer brush. The Quo by Orly Instant Artist Detailer Brush works great when you are in need of precision, and is what I used for the black stripe in my picture. I just found it gave me much better control and it let me decide on the exact placement.

Quo by Orly Detailer Brush

Step Four

To create the mummy's eyeballs, I used the Quo by Orly Instant Artist Dotter Duo tool. Since there are two different sized dots on this tool, it was perfect! However, if you do not have a dotting tool, you can use a ballpoint pen for the larger dot and a mechanical pencil or toothpick to create the smaller one! (You'd be surprised about how crafty you can get with simple household items.)

Quo by Orly Dotter Duo Tool

Take your white polish brush out of the bottle and dab your large dotting tool or ballpoint pen against the brush. When you put the tool against your nail, make sure not to push too hard, or else you will just squish the polish outwards.

Next, grab your smaller dotting tool, mechanical pencil or toothpick. Get some black polish on it, and then carefully dab it on top of the white dots.

Wait a good five minutes before you swipe a top coat on, or else you might smudge the mummy eyes. Remember, there are almost four coats of nail polish in that area so the longer you can wait for them to dry, the better.

Hope you are ready to get mummified—happy Halloween!

Rikki Ciminsky is a student at Ryerson University in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @rikki_see.

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