Try This "Blood Splatter" Nail Art Tutorial For Halloween

When else can you walk around with blood-splattered nails and not look crazy?
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Blood splatter manicure

Hey there, Halloween! There's just one more day to go 'til the 31st—which means that if you haven't tried some Halloween-inspired nail art yet, now's the time! I mean, when else can you walk around with blood-splattered nails and not look crazy? Plus, this is the easiest (yet most effective) Halloween nail look I've done to date.

What you need

Blood splatter manicure - what you need

Step One

As per usual, base coat first. My personal favourite is Sally Hansen Miracle Cure ($7.64 at Then, apply your white polish.

Blood splatter manicure - step 1

Step Two

For this particular nail art look, you need a red polish that comes in a full-sized bottle because you need to be able to dunk your straw down into the polish. Before you start going all art attack on your hands, take the original brush out of the bottle and lay it somewhere safe (probably on a Kleenex would work). Then take another trillion pieces of kleenex—or just one —and lay it down on your work surface, 'cuz it's about to get CRAZY up in here.

Blood splatter manicure - step 2

Step Three

I warn you in advance. What you are about to see below is obscenely messy, but ridiculously fun.

Blood splatter manicure - step 3

You need to take your straw and dunk it into the polish. As you pull it out, hit it against the side of the bottle just like you would for a normal brush to knock off some excess polish. Then hold the straw in a vertical position right on top of your nail, and blow into the straw! Yes, this nail art involves some lung strength!

I know, the end result looks a bit like a hot mess now, but it gets better, I promise!

Pro tip: Get directly on top of the nail as you blow into the straw. You can probably tell I did my ring finger last, because it has the best splatter effect (due to my vertical approach)

Step Four

Time to wipe up the mess! There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Take a shower and kind of "scratch" off the excess polish when your cuticles become damp.
  • After you blow the polish onto each individual nail, wipe it off super-quick. Something a little more rough, like a towel, works best for that!
  • Or, you can do what I did: wait until the end, and then use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover or acetone to wipe it off.
Blood splatter manicure - step 4

Pro tip: Although acetone works a lot faster than your average nail polish remover, it really dries out your skin. Make sure to moisturize post clean-up if you decide to use it!

Step Five

Add your top coat, and you are ready to rock!

Blood splatter manicure - step 5

I'm really digging my awful puns lately, so I'll just hit you with another one: I think this is a bloody cool manicure. Especially considering how damn easy it is to do.

Now, if a splatter of "blood" is a little too gory for you, you can always try other colour schemes:

  • A black base with green splatter (Frankenstein-esque)
  • An orange base with black splatter (classic Halloween)

Happy Halloween, and I hope you nail it!

Rikki Ciminsky is a student at Ryerson University in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @rikki_see.

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