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Hi, I'm Rikki, and Here's What's In My Makeup Bag

Meet the newest member of the Beauty Editor fam.
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It's been a few months now that I've been sharing nail art tutorials, product comparisons, camping beauty tips and sunburn skin-savers. And then I realized that we haven't even been properly acquainted yet.

I'm a full-time student in the Radio and Television Arts program at Ryerson University, as well as a part-time dance teacher. I'm also—in case you haven't noticed—VERY passionate about nails! 

Ready to get to know each other a little better with a fun Q&A? Okay, here we go!

How would you describe your look?

Playful and experimental! Especially with my eyes. I have LOTS of fun doing my makeup, especially night looks. Since I have brown eyes I feel like I can (attempt to) rock any eyeshadow colour. Recently I purchased the Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer Palette featuring 88 shades. Yes, you read that correctly. EIGHTY-EIGHT SHADES. So before I start applying any makeup, I get super amped to try out a new colour.

Who is your beauty icon? 


I admire people who challenge the latest trends and the classic looks. I think Katy Perry is a gorgeous woman who always pushes the boundaries when it comes to beauty/makeup/hair. I wouldn’t say I ever copyher makeup, but it definitely gets my creative beauty juices flowing. Another one is Scarlett Johansson. She can pull off classic beauty looks, but has also had every shade of the rainbow on her eyes at one time or another. Also, Jessica Alba, because we both have dark/brown features, and it’s easier to replicate makeup looks when the person has the same colouring.

How do you take care of your skin? 

Haha. This response is probably going to warrant a laugh from some people. I wash my face in the morning and night with Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser (available from Well.ca for $8.99).

... Annnnnd that’s it. [Editor's note: See, I told you it was unfair.]

Which products are in your handbag right now? 

Maybelline New York Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

This is no joke. You could give yourself a full manicure from the contents of my purse. I have a nail file, a nail buffer, a mini Quo nail polish remover bottle (so cute!) and a nail polish.

Also, as a commuter to downtown Toronto, I’ll usually have enough stuff with me to create a solid “night out” look at all times. Urban Decay eyeshadow palette, NARS bronzer in Laguna and my fave mascara: Maybelline New York’s Colossal Volum’ Express (available from Well.ca for $9.09).

Which beauty products do you think are worth splurging on? 

Eyeshadow. A good pigmented one can last a whole day without worrying about reapplication or creasing. I love Urban Decay’s eyeshadows, and Avon’s Everlasting Eyeshadow actually does what it promises—it sticks to you like GLUE!

What should you save on?

Mascara. No matter how many high-end mascaras I try, I will always come running back to my Maybelline New York.

What was your first fragrance? 

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to admit this...  but I have never actually bought a REAL perfume. I’m much more of a fragrance mist person. Is that, like, some type of beauty crime? Oh well...... MISTS ALL THE WAY! OH RAH RAH! What I like about them is that the scent aren’t as strong as perfumes. Plus, they are unarguably cheaper, which helps me justify buying way more! Since I get bored a lot, it’s nice to switch it up.

With that said, my first mist was White Musk from The Body Shop. I don’t know why I thought musky was a good smell, especially when a synonym for musk is the word “pungent." I never intended to have a pungent smell :( Oh well, what’s done is done.

What’s your current fragrance?

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist

I have nine-ish different mists. A mix of Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works. For a few years now my top three have been: Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction (red plum and freesia), Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods and Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in the name of beauty? 

I once tried a DIY hair mask using kitchen ingredients. One ingredient being banana. In short, I was finding chunks of banana in my hair for a few DAYS. And yes, I did try to get it out originally in the shower. I was there for about 45 minutes with a fine-toothed comb. Didn’t help. I’m really into different hair masks and treatments to help remedy my split ends and damaged hair, so I’m hoping a more promising concoction comes my way soon!

Have you had any major beauty fails?

When I first started using eyeliner, I used SugarBaby Ice Princess Eye Line & Shine in Aquatic Princess (quite the mouthful!). And yes, the colour was as tacky and icy and bright as the name suggests. I would line my bottom lash line with, I swear, half a centimetre of liner. I basically pretended it was marker. That phase lasted for about two years.

What’s your biggest beauty pet peeve?

On myself, a chipped manicure. Even the tiniest chip bothers me. I find myself doing my nails about once a week.

But on other people, black liner on the waterline. Not because I think it looks bad (because it doesn’t always), but imagining drawing it on that close to my eye literally makes my eyes water every time I see someone with that style of eyeliner.

What beauty trend do you wish would go away?

Lip art! The trend went full force last year when America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion featured Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos—I shudder just typing that. I mean, look at them!

Violent Lips tattoos

Don't they remind you of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?! You know, that first scene when the lips are talking to the audience?! It’s Rocky HORROR Picture Show for a reason. And I could only imagine what one’s lips may look like as the temporary tattoos begin to wear off!!

If you could revive a beauty trend, which would it be?

Scrunchies!!! I have naturally curly hair, and rarely wear it down unless I straighten it. I just think scrunchies do a much better job at holding hair up nice and tight.

Don’t worry though, people. I don’t wear scrunchies in public. But I do have a metallic rainbow scrunchie in my purse just in case an emergency situation arises when a regular elastic doesn't cut it.

What are your best beauty tips? 

MAC Eye Shadow in Gesso

1. Wash off your makeup before bed. It gives you a fresh canvas for the next day! You would never paint a new masterpiece over an old painting, right?!

2. Dabbing a white matte eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes opens them up and makes you look more awake. I’ve tried a white shimmery shadow a few times, and people asked me if I had been crying!!! So, learn from my experimentation. I use MAC Eye Shadow in Gesso.

3. For those single blemishes that pop up on your skin the night before a big event: dab on rubbing alcohol with a Q-Tip. Dries it right up, and it clears up so much faster. Although I feel like I should also say it’s not a solution to bigger breakouts. Regular rubbing alcohol would be way too harsh to cover your whole face with.

If you could invent a beauty product, what would it be?

I get so easily bored with my hair colour and change it up every few months. I wish there was some type of machine that had every colour option in the world (solid colour, highlights, lowlights, you name it) and it would change my hair colour in just a few minutes. Oh, and I would want this product to be inexpensive.... is it 2050 yet?! Maybe they’ll invent something by then!

If you could only take three beauty products with you on a desert island, which would they be?

Sephora by OPI Nail Color in High Maintenance

1. A cherry red nail polish. It’s classic, it’s feminine, and I think red nails will always be in style. I love Sephora by OPI Nail Color in High Maintenance.

2. Face wash. Because whenever I’m feeling a little bit icky, washing my face not only wakes me up but also makes me feel fresh.

3. Hair elastics. There are so many fun and trendy French braids and twisty updos I can do with just one hair elastic to hold it all together. Plus, I really dislike hair flying in my face.

Now tell me:

Do you share any of my aves?
Would you be open to the return of the scrunchie? 
What topics would you like to see me tackle in a future post?