Guess Who Just Chopped Off All Her Hair? Karlie Kloss!

You HAVE to see her new chin-length bob.
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You HAVE to see her new chin-length bob.
Karlie Kloss - LACMA Art and Film Gala 2012

Karlie Kloss says she "needed a change."

So she followed in the footsteps of other models before her—Linda Evangelista, Agyness Deyn, Arizona Muse—and had her hair cut into this chin-length bob 'n bangs:

Karlie Kloss haircut - November 2012

(Photo via Vogue UK.)

Shocked? Not shocked?

I think she looks 12—which is not necessarily a bad thing, although it's personally my main reason for never venturing above my shoulders. (However: that will quite possibly that will change as the years go on. Ha!)

I figure supermodels are super-human when it comes to their good looks, so they can pretty much do what they like with their hair and it doesn't even matter. That said, Karlie debuted this cut right before last night's Victoria's Secret fashion show, which as you know is a place where long, seksi, voluminous, long, bouncy... and did we mention LONG hair reigns supreme?

Apparently lingerie models can't have bobbed hair, though, which is why the producers made her wear extensions. Check 'em out in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gallery!

Now tell me:

What do you think of Karlie's new haircut?
Do you think she looked better before or after... or does it even matter when we're dealing with a supermodel here?
Are you feeling inspired to maybe cut your hair too?