The "Shark Bite" Nail Art at The Blonds Spring 2013

The look was created using CND.
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The look was created using CND.
The Blonds - Spring 2013 nails

The look:

Shark Bite Mani. (By Kristina Estabrooks for CND.)

The inspiration:

The theme of the show was “Psycho Beach Party," and the nails featured elaborately detailed shark bites over black nails.

The how-to:

1. File your nails into an elongated oval shape.

2. Apply a base coat.

3. Cover the entire base of the nail with CND Colour in Putty.

4.  Let dry for at least 30 minutes. Once fully dry, cut stickers into shark-bite shapes and place them at the edges of the nails. This will help you create the shark bites at the tips.

5. Apply two coats of CND Colour in Blackjack to the edges of the stickers.

6. Let dry, and then carefully pull off the stickers. Finish with top coat.