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What Do You Think of Kate Middleton's New Bangs?

Well, they're sort of bangs. And the world is freaking out!
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Talk about making mountains out of molehills. As you've probably heard by now, Duchess Kate made the (supposedly radical) beauty move of having the front part of her hair cut into long, angled bangs. Can you even call them bangs? You tell me.

Here's what we were starting from:

Kate Middleton before bangs

And here's her new look (at the opening of the National Museum’s Treasure Exhibition in London on Monday):

Kate Middleton bangs

Is this a big deal? Does a teeny tiny haircut (and a very non-committal one at that) need to send the press into hysterics? Not to mention all this speculation that they mean OMGSHESPREGNANT?

I say come on! Chicks do stuff like this all the time, so why can't the Duchess?

Not that I think it's actually working for her, mind you. I hate to say it—and maybe it's also the peace signs and high collar on the dress here—but the look is a bit too '70s Halston for my taste. And maybe for somebody in her position, but gosh it must get boring having to wear the same conservative styles day in, day out. Can you imagine if she wore hot pink lipstick? The entire planet would go into meltdown.

Anyway, I do hope she grows them out after this "experimental" phase, because OBVIOUSLY this was her Life Cut. (Also: see how glossy it looked back then? Her hair's so dry now.)

Frankly, though, I am much more concerned about that heavy black eyeliner underneath her eyes that refuses to die. Seriously, did you think we'd still be seeing it after all this time? To me that's the REAL scandal.

Are you shocked by Kate's new look—or shocked by the shock over it?
Do you think her bangs (if you can even call them that) are flattering or did she look better "before?"
What can explain her ongoing attachment to the eyeliner? Help me understand this.