The "BFF Mani" at Rachel Antonoff Spring 2013

Names scrawled on with Sharpies.
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Names scrawled on with Sharpies.
Rachel Antonoff - Spring 2013 nails

The look:

BFF mani. (By Candice Manacchio for CND.)

The inspiration:

Rachel Antonoff's "garden": a magical oasis where there are no text messages, no hurried emails, just earthy delights, including a badminton game with perfectly dressed debutantes sporting gamely reds, whites and blues and accessorized with tinted visors, matching ‘oxford’ jellies and clear nail tips with hand written muses inscribed onto crisp white nail beds.

The how-to:

1. Start with naturally long nails or have clear tips like CND's Velocity Tips professionally appplied.

2. Apply a base coat. Let dry.

3. Cover the tips with French manicure stickers, and then paint the nails with two coats of a white nail polish, leaving the tips bare. (Here, Manacchio used CND Shellac Polish in Studio White.)

4. Once dry, get a friend to write on your nails with blue and red Sharpies. (Here, Manacchio memorialized Antonoff's friends and family monikers.)