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Look, Michelle Obama Got Bangs!

And I heartily approve—do you?
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Bangs! Everyone's getting them. Kate Middleton, Karlie Kloss, Kerry Washington... and now the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Here's a refresher pic of her previous hairstyle:

Michelle Obama before bangs

It's a little... TV anchorwoman. But what am I going to say? She's the first lady! This kind of hairdo (along with skirt suits and double strands of pearls) sort of goes with the territory. It's professional and it's classy... but it sure ain't trendy.

Which is why her new look is a total shocker! Here's the big reveal:

Michelle Obama - bangs

Thick, eyebrow-skimming, face-framing bangs. And long layers in the rest of her hair, which is looking super-shiny, I might add.

I really wish I could find a front-on pic, but from what I see so far it looks really good, right? As a beauty person I am SO endorsing this—the fringe just makes her look cooler, fresher, edgier. And younger, because you know what they say: bangs are better than Botox! Michelle actually just turned 49 yesterday, and I think her new cut has totally turned back the clock.

Pro beauty tip: if you're a lady of a certain age and you want a younger look that's NOT from injectables, bangs are totes the way to go.

What say you?

Are you a fan of Michelle's new look?
Or do you think her "before" style was more appropriate?
Are all of these famous people inspiring you to get bangs too? (For me this is The Big Beauty Question that I'm always in turmoil over. To chop or not to chop!)