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SAG Awards 2013: The 10 Best Hair and Makeup Looks

From Amanda Seyfried to Marion Cotillard.
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I feel like every other celeb at the SAG Awards—Screen Actors Guild Awards, held in L.A. on Sunday night—was wearing her hair in deep-parted, side-swept waves. This style is kinda like the LBD of hair: it looks good on everyone... but when you keep seeing it again and again, it's not exactly the most satisfying 'do for beauty watchers like us. (We prefer our red carpets with a dose of creativity!) Overall, the night had way more misses than hits, but here are my picks for the 10 best looks:

Amanda Seyfried - SAG Awards 2013

Amanda Seyfried: I have a thing for that alien model look (think Gemma Ward), so for me, Amanda is easily one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood right now. It's those wide-spaced eyes. (And did you know? She doesn't even colour her hair. Le sigh.) Thing is, she usually kind of bores me. Now, I'm not exactly jumping up and down over this look here... but there's no question that she looks really pretty. Just simple makeup, nothing too over-the-top, with that gorgeous cascade of waves over one shoulder. It makes for a luxe-casual vibe that goes SO well with the long pendant necklace (loving that too).

Sofia Vergara - SAG Awards 2013 makeup

Sofia Vergara: This is good. I was getting weary of seeing Sofia with super-long, super-straight hair and weirdly dark lipstick all the time. Here, with the wavy hair and the light lip gloss she looks softer and fresher... and maybe even younger. I mean, obviously she still screams "look at me! I'm so sexy," but not quite as much as before. Look closely, and you'll see that she also switched it up with some purple eyeshadow. I like it! Here's the how-to for that.

Jennifer Lawrence - SAG Awards 2013

Jennifer Lawrence: Lookin' pretty good for someone who is battling pneumonia, wouldn't you say? Now, even though I said this side-swept style is getting too much play, I actually really like it on Jen—she looks more like herself with casual hair than when she goes all fancy with the chignons (like at the Globes). I also really like this "bronde" colour on her: not quite brown but not quite blonde either. Makeup's well done too. Whoever is doing her eyes really understands how to shade a heavy lid without making it look overdone (HELLO BLAKE LIVELY).

Sally Field - SAG Awards 2013

Sally Field: YES. She is 66 years old and still hot stuff! Sally earns her spot in this top 10 because she wisely demonstrates how less is usually more on the red carpet (a lesson many of her younger counterparts still need to learn!). Purple is an extremely flattering colour on her, so her skin already glows—but she's enhanced her eyes with a touch of purplish grey shadow and a brightening pink gloss on the lips. It's just enough. Also need to rave about her softly wavy hair, which looks special but still youthful and casual.

Jessica Pare - SAG Awards 2013

Jessica Paré: Maybe I've been watching too much Mad Men, but I think this fun take on '60s hair and makeup really works for Jessica. Yes, the updo is pretty extreme when you consider it alone... but she really committed to the total look. The dangling earrings, the dramatic shadow, the incredible brows, the pop of pink on the lips—it all ties together and every time I look again I like it even more.

Naomi Watts - SAG Awards 2013

Naomi Watts: I really like Naomi, and while she usually looks good I think she really hit the mark on this red carpet. Yes, yes, it's those side-swept waves again—but somehow hers look more effortless than everybody else's, especially with the bare-ish face and glam red lip. How do I put this? It's like she owns this look, instead of vice-versa. One small issue: if you Google images of her with a smile, she really needs to whiten those teeth. Eeks!

Jessica Chastain - SAG Awards 2013 beauty

Jessica Chastain: Oh, the Chastain. You knew she'd be on here, since she is pretty much the Girl Of The Moment right now. Thing is, I like her look here—but it's more the total look instead of anything specific about the hair and makeup. If you've seen the dress—tight, red, strapless—you'll know what I mean. She looked like Jessica Rabbit! (I love a redhead in red.) Wisely, she kept the hair and makeup super-simple to go with. The most important thing is that she did a pink lip instead of a red. We can learn from that! Your instinct may be to match lips with dress, but it's much cooler when you don't.

Kerry Washington - SAG Awards 2013

Kerry Washington: Flawless. Is there anything to fault here? Because I don't see it. Whereas her Globes look was a loose, casual "lob," Kerry went for a dressed-up ponytail this time and I think I like it even better. What makes it special are those sweeping bangs at the front. And her makeup is just enough to enhance, but not steal the show. Will you look at those cheekbones? Wowza.

Jaimie Alexander - SAG Awards 2013

Jaimie Alexander: Jaimie who? Yeah, I don't really know except that she's dating Peter Facinelli... which makes me sad for Jennie Garth, because that's gotta be awkward for her to see when they step out together on the red carpet. Anyway, good beauty is good beauty and so I have to give his new girlfriend points for a fantastic, dramatic updo. The bun is positioned to one side and then the front has volume on the other—very creative! Then with her flawless fair skin, all she needed was that rim of black liner all the way around her eyes. This girl is one to watch.

Marion Cotillard - SAG Awards 2013

Marion Cotillard: Annnnd Marion wins it for me again! The girl is officially my new beauty crush—and deservedly so. Time and time again she wows us with her beauty creativity, like the sleek and shiny angled bob she's wearing here. It's so French! Also: have you ever seen anyone with more sparkly eyes? Note to self: start using more shimmery liner and shadow to execute this kind of silvery-grey smoky eye. It is, as always with Marion, perfection.

Other highlights for me:

  • Jennifer Garner looked healthy and adorable with rosy cheeks and curly hair.
  • Melissa Rauch had a cute updo with bangs.
  • Carmen Electra also did the side-swept waves thing, but looked pretty amazing (for Carmen Electra).

Some of the major misses though, included:

Tell me:

Who were your SAG Awards faves?
What were the biggest beauty fails?
Which look(s) would you wear in real life? I have to say I'd do the Jessica Chastain this time... I want that dress!