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5 of the Best Valentine's Day Beauty Treats

You'll heart these super-cute beauty finds.
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Hello, lover.

Let's talk about V-Day! Isn't it such a tricky "holiday?" Sometimes it's amazing... and sometimes it's disappointing or depressing... but either way, there's a tendency to get fat from eating chocolate and candy hearts.

This is why I advocate Valentine's Day beauty products! (See? I can pretty much work them into any conversation, no prob.) Beauty products are always appropriate. This week, my editor's picks are five finds that you most definitely should consider treating yourself with today—whether it's to help you get in the mood for romance tonight, or just to brighten your mood!

PS: Did I mention I love you guys too? Happy Valentine's!

Sweethearts by Cake collection

Sweethearts by Cake collection

This limited-edition collection is based on candy hearts, except it's a MUCH healthier version. Cake paired up with Sweethearts, the iconic brand that's been producing the stuff since 1866 (!), to create five new products, all scented with sweet vanilla. So if you're a vanilla person, definitely check it out—it just hit stores and will be around 'til May (or while quantities last).

The products include a bath and shower froth, body butter, hand cream, hair and body mist and a lip balm. The last two are my faves! I've always liked Cake's mists for freshening up my hair, like after you've spent too long in a Starbucks and has that yucky burnt coffee smell. And the lip balm is amaze... super-yummy scent and extremely moisturizing without being greasy.

Plus, in case you're thinking that a collection based on candy's gonna be full of nasty chemicals—think again. Cake stuff uses 90 to 95 percent natural ingredients, including coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin E, and this range is totally paraben-free. Sweet!

Out now for $14-24 at Sephora Canada, Murale and cakebeauty.com.

Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray

Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray in Between The Sheets

When it comes to beauty pick-me-ups, Demeter fragrances totally fit the bill. Heck, it even says that on their labels! These are cheap, cheerful, mostly single-note scents that do exactly what they promise—lift your mood whenever you spray them on throughout the day. They're not meant to be long-lasting (which I think has been a big misconception); you're supposed to carry them in your purse or have them on your desk at work or whatever, and use 'em whenever you feel the need. Because they're 95 percent derived from natural ingredients (and without phthalates or parabens), repeat applications probably won't offend in the way heavier scents would.

For Valentine's Day, they have a bunch of awesome choices! Between The Sheets is SO yum (notes are mango, guava, passion fruit, orange liquor, lemon juice and rum), and I also for narcissistic reasons like Redhead in Bed (gin, lemon, strawberries and simple syrup). Yes, there's a bit of a booze theme. Other fun picks: Chocolate Covered Cherries, Bulgarian Rose, Sex on the Beach... you get the drill.

Out now for $15 each (for the 1 oz. spray; not pictured) at select Loblaws stores.

Lancôme In Love collection

Lancome In Love collection

This is Lancôme's spring makeup collection, and it's definitely one of the nicest in memory. First of all, Emma Watson is the face, which automatically makes me into this. And second, they've changed up their packaging here—the palette and the eyeliner especially are so much younger and cuter than their typical navy blue and gold.

As you can see, the elements include eyeshadows (in lilac, blue, turquoise and peach); nail polish (in peach, rose and hot pink); eyeliner (in brown, blue and turquoise); tinted lip balms (in fuchsia, coral and purple) and blush (in coral and fuchsia/orange). Whew! Did you get all that?

To be more specific, the standouts for me are definitely the blushes, because the palette is just adorable and you get not one but two complimentary shades. The fuchsia one looks like it's going to be crazy bright but even pasty white me can wear it without looking at all clown-like. I'm also into the tinted balms, which again look extremely bright but go on super-duper sheer with the barest hint of colour. All very, very wearable.

Out now for $16-52 at department stores, select pharmacies and at lancome.ca; click here to learn more and purchase.

Nivea Lip Butters

Nivea Lip Butter

Obviously if you're going to be doing some kissing today then you need a decent lip balm. Besides the Cake one I mentioned above, a really good option—and even more affordable—is from Nivea. Actually, they're called lip butters, and they come in a tin, which I always think looks way nicer than a plastic tube.

There are two flavours, Original and Vanilla & Macadamia. I've only tried the latter, but I dare you not to like it! Smells so delish, and is packed with lip goodness like shea butter and almond oil. And can we talk about the price again? Just read the next sentence—ridic.

Out now for $3.19 each at pharmacies and other mass merchandisers.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Temptation Eau de Parfum

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Temptation Eau de Parfum

And here's where we get to the man-catching/man-impressing part of the post. You can't deny that Victoria's Secret sort of has that down pat (even if, like me, you're not so into having enormous flotation devices inside of your bras).

But let's talk about their fragrances. I get that we wear fragrance for US. Of course! But if you do want to consider the man (or men) in your life, know that most guys don't care if you're wearing whatever exotic notes are on trend this year, or that you bought your perfume because it's by your favourite fashion designer. Men just like what they like, and VS knows what that is: fruity, musky, pretty much unsophisticated scents. That's it.

Enter Very Sexy Temptation, which is the brand's newest scent offering. The notes include passion flower, mandarin, freesia, jasmine, musk and orchid, and it's actually pretty awesome. But you should also know that I'm very lowbrow when it comes to fragrance. (Remember how I said I love Pink Sugar?) For more scents that drive men crazy, check out this list!

Out now for $42-52 at Victoria's Secret and victoriassecret.com.

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