Do or Don't: AnnaSophia Robb's Colour-Blocked Eyes

Would you try this daring colour combo?
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Would you try this daring colour combo?

Colour-blocking was SO 2012—remember?

Not being a fashion person, I'm not too sure what the verdict is for it in clothes this year... but in makeup, at least, it looks like it's still happening. Here's AnnaSophia Robb (not to be confused with AnnaLynne McCord—so many compound word Annas!) at an H&M event the other day:

AnnaSophia Robb - H&M Denim Days campaign launch - Mar 2, 2013

Well, well, well! We've got some sparkly bronze all over the eyelids, we've got some precise brown liner, and we've got a sweep of pale blue as the final accent.

Here, zoom in for a closer look:

AnnaSophia Robb - H&M Denim Days campaign launch - Mar 2, 2013 - close-up

(Great eyebrows, by the way.)

Anyway, are you feeling this? At first, I wasn't. It isn't that I don't like colourful eyeliner though, because I definitely do. And especially when it's below the lower lashes—like at Moschino Cheap & Chic for spring 2013:

Moschino Cheap & Chic - Spring 2013 makeup

This is very cool, "street" makeup—smudgey and bright and not too premeditated.

Which is exactly why I wasn't so into AnnaSophia's application. It's a bit too perfect—like it's trying to be glam and edgy all at the same one. Pick a team! Either commit to the blue and let that be the look, or go with your sparkly bronze... but not both.

But then I remembered that I'd seen the shape of the blue liner before. It was at Versace's couture show:

Atelier Versace - Spring 2013 Couture makeup

Not exactly the same, but definitely in the same spirit with the inner corner emphasis and the extended points at the outer edges. So this part, at least, I like. It's super on-trend and feels fresh to me compared to the usual liner shapes we see over and over again.

And then I went back to looking at AnnaSophia's eyes, and they started growing on me. So now I can't decide—is this eye look a do or a don't?

AnnaSophia Robb - H&M Denim Days campaign launch - Mar 2, 2013 - close-up

You tell me:

Do you think she would've looked better with just the blue or just the bronze?
Or are you down with the whole colour-blocking combo?
What do you think of this new pointy eyeliner shape?