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I Have a New Favourite Nail Polish

And you'll never believe what it is.
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Avon Speed Dry Nail Enamel

I know, I know—you're probably raising an eyebrow right now upon hearing that I would consider Avon for nail polish over other, more nail-centric brands. And you're probably even more surprised that I'd go for a quick-dry, because those are notorious (notorious I tell you!) for being thick and goopy and generally unpleasant to work with. (*cough* Revlon... although I LOVE that brand's normal nail offerings.)

But here's the thing. This Avon stuff not only puts other fast-drying formulas to shame, it actually goes on better than loads of normal nail polishes. Truth.

The claim is that you go from "wet to wow in 30 seconds," which is faster than the 60 seconds that the other speed polishes I've tried clock in at. And they are NOT kidding. As much as I would love to be able to take the time to give myself proper manicures—and take advantage of some of Rikki's amazing nail art tutorials—I usually find myself scrambling to fix my nails 20 minutes before I have to walk out the door. And that's where Avon has been saving my life. I kid you not, I've tried three different shades of this polish over the past few weeks and they dried down so quickly that I was able to move right on to hair and makeup with nary a smudge or a smear. Amazing.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that you only need one coat? Yep, it's crazy—these colours are highly saturated without being at all thick or any different to how regular nail polishes feel. Which kinda makes me like them more than regular nail polishes. (Like, Essie, as much as I heart you it sometimes kills me to have to apply three coats of you.)

The shade selection ain't bad, either. My favourites are the red-orange (Reddy to Go), hot pink (Strawberry) and surprisingly, the turquoise (Turquoise Pop). Each time I've applied these it's been on bare nails with no base coat—bad beauty editor!—but they haven't stained. Extra coolness: there is no formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate. Longevity-wise, I did get a bit of chipping 48 hours later but that happens with pretty much every nail polish I use, since my nails suck, and I didn't use top coat so I expected as much.

And anyway, if it only takes 30 seconds for a new application then I am not complaining!

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