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Can You Spot What's Different About Jessica Alba These Days?

Hint: It's not just her hair.
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You've gotta look closely at the latest pics of Jessica Alba... and then we need to talk.

This is from her book signing the other day (oh yeah—did you hear she has a book out?). It's called The Honest Life and yes I just rolled my eyes.

Anyway, go on... have a good stare.

Jessica Alba - The Honest Life book signing, March 2013

Okay? Now here's another one. This is at the recent Stella McCartney F/W '13 show in Paris:

Jessica Alba at Stella McCartney Fall 2013

There's something... different. Do you see it yet?

Fine, one more:

Jessica Alba - Producers Guild Awards 2013

That's from the Producers Guild Awards last month, and YES she needs some frizz serum, and YES her hair's getting progressively blonder (little late to the trend?!) and YES her lipstick is pretty cool... but I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about what's going on with her eyebrows! As in: have you ever seen them so full? So dark? So fanned*?

* I will explain the term "fan" in a moment. 

Just for comparison's sake, I want you to look at a pic from not even a year ago:

Jessica Alba - Giffoni Film Festival 2012

Major difference, right? Compared to back then, she's pretty much added an entire new row of hairs now, as well as darkened them with either a pencil or maybe she's even had them tinted.

And the fans! Fans are what you call the hairs at the inner edges (closest to your nose) that, instead of trimming, you can leave natural and growing straight up to sort of soften the entire eyebrow effect. It's a term—and technique—that I picked up from my girl Mary (YES I AM MENTIONING HER AGAIN SHE IS THAT GOOD) and it makes a world of difference in transforming your brows into younger, cooler, more model-esque arches. You can look back at this post to see some more examples of good fans... and the worst-ever fan-trimming offender, Megan Fox.

But my point here is this: after seeing these pics, I'm feeling pretty validated.

Why? Because most of the fuller, thicker, darker eyebrow examples I've been showing you have all been on models—who, let's face it, could shave off their eyebrows and still look incredible.

It's the real life people that matter. And so with The Alba bravely venturing into big-brow territory, I think it's a clear sign that it's GAME ON. If celebrities are growing out their brows, then the trickle-down effect is coming our way... get ready.


Are you digging Jessica's new, fuller brow look—or do you still prefer her "before" from last summer?
Will you be growing out YOUR brows?
Do you DIY or get them shaped professionally? Let's get some recos going here in the comments!