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Try This Easy Ombré Nail Art Tutorial

All you need is a sponge!
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When it comes to nail tutorials, text and pictures aren't always the best teaching method. Sometimes, chillin' with me for a minute or two via webcam is just a much better tactic! If you've always had trouble grasping the steps of a nail art tutorial through the standard blog post, then this video is for you.

THIS is the nail art I've been obsessed with recently, and in the vid above show you how to do:

Ombre nails

I'm obsessed with it because—and I say this with great regret and with tears in my eyes—I think crazy, over-the-top nail art is on the decline. However, this Ombré look is hella easy. All you need is a triangular makeup sponge, plus your nail polish shades of choice. (And for clean-up, some nail polish remover and a Q-Tip.) The shades I used were Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Lacquer in Sapphire Siren (navy) and Essie Nail Polish in Play Date (purple).

Hopefully this video proves that nail art doesn't have to be tricky... I hope you nail it!

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Have you tried Ombré nails yet?
What technique do you use?
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