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This Dior Blush Brush Has Red Bristles (OMG!)

Is it weird that a red makeup brush can make me so happy?
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Dior Paradise Summer Blush Brush

LOOK. A makeup brush from Dior (which is awesome enough in itself) with red bristles. Red!

I know it's been done before (Shu Uemura, and Sonia Kashuk has fuchsia), but until now, I didn't have one in my collection. And now I'm thinking, why aren't all makeup brush bristles in fun colours instead of boring black? It just makes life so much better to start your day that way, n'est-ce pas? It's the little things...

Here's the full head-to-toe:

Dior Paradise Summer Blush Brush

Dior Paradise Summer Blush Brush

Isn't she pretty? This is the Dior Paradise Summer Blush Brush—but does it look like a blush brush to you? Me neither. I mean, you could, but it's basically the same size as my beloved MAC 150 Large Powder Brush except a touch flatter. So I'd use it for powder and bronzer. It's a bit oversized for blush which could be dangerous with the wrong product (hello clown face!), although with something not too pigmented and a careful application, it would still work.

Now, I'm a little late to the party because this was part of Dior's Bird of Paradise summer collection, which is already out. As of right now, it's still available on the Hudson's Bay website—but it's limited edition, so you'll have to act fast! It's a little pricey at $58.00, but compare MAC's at $42.00 and how much happier this one will make you on a daily basis... and I think you'll come to the same conclusion as I did.

Dior Paradise Summer Blush Brush, $58.00, click here to learn more or purchase.

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Do red brush bristles put a smile on your face or what?
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