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L'Oréal's New Confetti Top Coats Make Manicures Less Boring

Dress up your plain old polish in an instant.
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L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat

Last week, I told you about the new once-a-week nail lacquer that actually works on my perpetually chipping nails. This week, it's a new range of top coats that dress up your polish in a totally cute, non-tacky way. Here, meet the limited-edition Colour Riche Top Coats from L'Oréal Paris:

L'Oreal Top Coats

They have five top coats in total: Carat Gold, Carat Silver, Smoky, Matte and (my fave) Sparklicious.

I have to tell you, I was never that into the whole "top coats with stuff in them" trend until I tried these. Maybe I was using the wrong ones, but the polishes I tried never seemed to have enough glitter in them to really bother with. They either looked really sad and sparse, or I had to apply half a dozen layers just to get enough to make an impact.

Happily, that's not the case here and you can get a good effect with just one or two coats. It's also really easy to manipulate the pieces around on your nails until you get a placement you're happy with.

I think the colour you put on underneath makes all the difference, so I'm gonna show you how they pair with the latest solid nail colour shades from the Colour Riche line, Crazy for Chic, Greyt Expectations and Orange You Jealous?:

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Colours

First up is Sparklicious, which is called Confetti outside Canada and the U.S. (a much cuter name, but I think there were trademark issues or something). I slicked it over the red, Crazy for Chic:

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Top Coat in Sparklicious

Fun, right? I feel like the red makes the confetti really pop but in a sophisticated way. I think it also looks nice over a mint green or a greige. I'm not sure about pink; maybe a bit too '80s.

You may have seen a very similar polish collection called Polka Dots from sister brand Maybelline New York. It's got the same confetti bits in it, but as an all-in-one polish instead of a top coat. I'll try and review that one too in the future, but the short answer here is that I don't like all the colours in that range, and the consistency is hit and miss. I think the top coat version is the better investment!

Then we have Carat Gold, which is more of a traditional glitter except like I said, it's got a better glitter-to-clear polish ratio than anything I've tried previously. Here, I paired it with the coral, Orange You Jealous?:

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Top Coat in Carat Gold

Love this colour combo because the shades aren't that far apart so it's a tone on tone effect. Although it would also give a luxe lift to a darker shade like burgundy or navy. With the latter, you could do a very easy version of the Starry Night manicure. And I saw that Canadian Beauty even concentrated the gold at the base of her nails for an Ombré effect. Neat!

Last up is the Matte, worn over Greyt Expectations:

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Top Coat in Matte

Usually, I'm not so in love with matte, but I actually liked this one. Maybe the griege isn't for everyone, but I felt very runway with these nails. You need to be a bit more careful with your application of both the colour and the top coat, as this isn't as forgiving. (You can see in the pic above that I missed a spot on my middle finger, so it's shiny, and I also had some polish build-up at the base of that same nail. Oh well.) Another idea is to try this on top of your confetti, once it's dried—you can see the look here.

Never thought I'd be into these, but I SO am—and for $7.99 apiece at drugstores, the price is very right. Tell me your thoughts:

Are you a fan of the glittery or polka-dot top coat trend?
Have you checked out these ones yet?
Got any other fun top coat recos?