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Sephora's Sparkly Train Case Will Solve Your Makeup Storage Problems

It's seriously enormous.
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Having bags of makeup show up at your door every workday sounds like a dream come true—and it IS—but trust me, it's also a major storage headache. I like to try just about everything that's new, but then there's also my regulars, my old favourite makeup products, that I want easy access to as well.

As much as I love Sonia Kashuk's pretty little makeup bags, I have to chuckle a bit because there is no way on God's green earth I could ever work within the confines of one of those things.

But this massive train case I just received from Sephora? Now we're talkin':

Sephora Collection Spark a Celebration Traincase

It's part of their limited-edition holiday fare, and comes in large and medium sizes. I have the large, thank goodness, and it measures 8.6”W x 9.25”H x 13.75”L. That holds a whole lotta beauty products.

It opens up like this, with two shallow tiers on either side and a deeper storage area at the bottom.

Sephora Collection Spark a Celebration Traincase

Here's the aerial view. See those little dividers?

Sephora Collection Spark a Celebration Traincase

They're actually removable and can be inserted back anywhere (kind of like the holes in an Ikea shelf). So you can play around with however long you want your compartments to be, or even have none at all.

I actually spent a few hours yesterday giving some of my makeup a new home in this thing. Here's a mid-organizational shot I shared on Instagram:

Sephora Collection Spark a Celebration Traincase

That's the new Spark a Celebration in the foreground, where I'm storing just the makeup colours I like right now and want in my current rotation. (My MOST favourite stuff, like my Make Up For Ever concealer and MAC mascara, I keep in one of my dresser drawers for instant access.) In the background, you can see some obviously not-big-enough case that I'm now going to use just for doubles and false eyelashes and whatnot.

(Will you hate me if I admit right now that this isn't even the half of it? I also hold on to collector's item sort of stuff, along with a kajillion more unopened eyeshadows, mascaras, nail polishes, etc. and have under-the-bed storage for that. I need to be on Hoarders for sure.)

But until then, this train case is solving a lot of my storage problems. It's priced at US$110.00/C$132.00, which I think is a fair price considering it's so very durable and well-designed. (And it's decorated in subtle, non-flaking purple glitter to boot!)

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