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Upgrade Your Makeup Brushes With Sephora's 7-Piece Holiday Set

Complete with a sleek acrylic stand.
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I got my makeup done by celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass the other day—yes, the woman behind that Bryce Dallas Howard look we were just talking about—and no lie, one of her top tips was that "it's all about the brushes." Meaning that you can't expect great results if you're applying your makeup with those tiny sponge applicators, or worse, some dusty, scratchy, low-quality makeup brushes that've seen better days.

I get why people do, of course. Brushes are damn expensive. It's way more fun to spend that money on a new lipstick than investing in tools. How boring. But at least with this new Sephora set, you get a lot of bang for minimal buck:

Sephora Collection Holiday Light Show Brush Set

Valued at US$160.00/C$192.00, it's priced at just US$68.00/C$82.00 and contains pretty much every brush you need for a basic set-up.

Sephora Collection Holiday Light Show Brush Set (2)

You get:

  • A powder brush
  • A foundation brush
  • A face contour brush
  • A concealer brush
  • A crease brush
  • A shadow brush
  • A slanted eyeliner brush

Plus, there's a sleek, black acrylic stand that they can sit upright on, for easy access and to prevent them from getting mucked up in your drawer or makeup bag. The quality of the brushes themselves is totally a-ok, too—they're soft and surprisingly dense.

The math is just $10 per brush, so I'd suggest getting on this if you're interested before it sells out—this is one of the biggest sellers right now in Sephora's gift set section.

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