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A Rare One-Coater From Rexall's New Nail Polish Collection

The must-have hot pink shade from Rexall's new nail polish line.
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Kit Nail Lacquer Rexall

Did you know Rexall/Pharma Plus has its own nail polish line now? (That's a chain of drugstores here, for you non-Canadian readers.) The brand is called Kit and if we're judging a book by its cover, the logo alone is pretty adorable. They have a whopping 40 different shades, and I have a major crush on this pink one.

It's called Cherry Pop and I was immediately drawn to it because, well, I'm like Elle Woods when it comes to this colour.

I was extra-surprised when it only required one coat to get complete coverage. I mean, I could've done two, but one was more than good enough for me. This is how it looks with top coat and please don't judge my stubby nails and dry cuticles.

Kit Nail Lacquer Rexall review 1

Although the brush was not particularly awesome, I'm more than willing to make a trade-off for the single coat action—which is a very rare thing for a high-pigment shade like this. Plus, it seemed to dry impressively fast. (Probably helped along by my Seche Vite.)

Kit Nail Lacquer Rexall review 2

As for the other 39 shades? I have no idea. Along with Cherry Pop, I was sent a grey (Grey Pearling) and a quick test swipe indicated it doesn't have the same coverage level... but it's probably meant to be pearly, not opaque.

At any rate, this stuff sells for just $6.99 a bottle, so it's worth checking out. It's a 3-free formula, so that means it doesn't contain icky formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

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