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Test-Driving Sonia Kashuk's New Body Care Collection

It's luxurious, affordable... and highly fragranced (if you like that sort of thing).
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Not that I pay for my beauty products, but honestly—who wants to spend upwards of $40, $50 for a body cream or shower gel? I rarely write about high-end body care because I'd never buy it myself... so I don't expect you guys to either.

That's why I was especially intrigued by the recent bath and body collection launch from Sonia Kashuk (maker of excellent makeup brushes and subject of one of my favourite beauty interviews of 2013). If you read that story, you'll understand the point of this range, which is to deliver high-end, luxurious scents and textures but at an affordable Target price. Sounds good to me! 

Everything is $19.99 or less, and there are 24 different products in four fragrance families:

So how do the products measure up? Let's see...

Sonia Kashuk Creme Body Wash and Shower Gel

Sonia Kashuk Creme Body Wash

I was sent the Creme Body Wash in Pink Innocencia, which I found has a strong tuberose note. Very strong. In fact, I found it almost overpowering in the shower, where I tend to prefer more citrusy than perfumey scents.

That said, it comes out of the bottle very creamy:

Sonia Kashuk Creme Body Wash in Pink Innocencia

And then it lathers up well and leaves your skin feeling moisturized, even after you rinse off—so it'd probably help you skip your body lotion step, if you're so inclined.

I think I'd probably be happier with the Shower Gel in Yellow Allurina, which has citrus and verbena instead of Pink Innocencia's tuberose, magnolia and amber. The Creme Body Wash also comes in Red Promisia, and there is a Shower Gel in Purple Seductia.

Sonia Kashuk Body Butter

Sonia Kashuk Body Butter

The Body Butters come in all four scents. I received Purple Seductia and it reminds me of your typical fruity-floral fragrance; it's strong but not as cloying as the Pink Innocencia (and I think much more man-friendly). It reminds me a lot of Victoria's Secret scents.

The packaging is really impressive. You open it up and there's this luxe plastic cover reminiscent of Oribe hair masks.

Sonia Kashuk Body Butter in Purple Seductia

Inside, the product is less buttery (read: greasy) than I thought it would be. It's more of a light, whipped texture:

Sonia Kashuk Body Butter in Purple Seductia (2)

I prefer this to most body butters as it absorbs much faster and you don't get grease stains on your clothes. I think this would be a great choice for a little everyday luxe, or for special occasions when you want to layer your scents. Personally, I don't think I'd be up for this strong a scent in my daily routine, but I'd certainly apply it for a big night out when I want my fragrance to last.

UPDATE: After this post was first published, I was sent the body butter in Yellow Allurina to try, and it's definitely my favourite scent in the collection. Really fresh and citrusy but feminine.

Sonia Kashuk Body Lotion

Sonia Kashuk Body Lotion

The body lotions also come in all four scents and here, I got to try Red Promisia. Out of the scents I tried (I didn't get to test Yellow Alluriana), I found Red Promisia the most heavy and musky. Guess that's the sandalwood. It's sexy for sure... but I feel like it's too much for me. Almost headache-inducing.

(But then again, sometimes when I'm wearing what I think are the most overpowering scents, I get the most compliments. So who knows really.)

As for the texture, it comes out of the tube like this:

Sonia Kashuk Body Lotion in Red Promisia

And it's fast-absorbing and lightly moisturizing on your skin.

Sonia Kashuk Hand Crème

Sonia Kashuk Hand Creme

The last product I was sent was the Hand Crème in Pink Innocencia. Like the body lotions, it's got a fairly standard look coming out of the tube:

Sonia Kashuk Hand Creme in Pink Innocencia

It also absorbs fast, like the other products, and gives light-to-medium hydration on the skin. (But I suspect here in Canada most of us would prefer something more moisturizing in the wintertime.) Personally, I also prefer unscented or more neutrally-scented hand creams since I've always got my hands near my face... or I'm eating.

Besides these products, the line also includes Eau de Toilettes, Body Oils, Body Polishes and a bunch of accessories (shower caps, body brushes and the like).

UPDATE: I could definitely deal with the hand lotion in Yellow Alluriana, since it's very fresh. I was also sent the Yellow Alluriana Eau de Toilette to test, after this post came out, and it's a great daytime or weekend scent. The lasting power is pretty decent as well.

The bottom line

It's a great line... IF you like fragrance. I can't knock the quality at all; the packaging is gorgeous and the textures are great, if on the more lightweight side.

My favourite scent was Purple Seductia, followed by Pink Innocencia and then Red Promisia. I have a feeling I'd like Yellow Alluriana best, though. (UPDATE: Yep, I did like it best!)

If you're a mainstream scent person, I think you'll love this collection for luxe pampering and scent layering on a budget. But if you're more into authentically natural, subtle scents? Not for you.

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