Benefit Lollitint is the Best Way to Wear the Radiant Orchid Trend

Benefit's latest must-own lip and cheek stain is a gorgeous, creamy orchid.
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Benefit's latest must-own lip and cheek stain is a gorgeous, creamy orchid.
Benefit Lollitint review

Orchid. For your lips and cheeks.

YES. You might not think that a purplish colour would be flattering, but I'm convinced that Lollitint, the latest shade in Benefit's line of lip and cheek stains, is the greatest thing ever.

They describe it as a "candy orchid," so it's got a tinge of coolness to it, almost lavender, but then on the skin it gives enough pink to make it very wearable. (Because none of us want to actually have lavender on our cheeks.) And yet... it's got something different about it as well; it's not the kind of pink you see every day.

Here's what it looks like on my skin, both straight out of the bottle and blended down:

Benefit Lollitint review swatched

Isn't she pretty? (And don't worry, I would actually blend more than that if I were putting this on my face instead of my arm.)

Lo and behold, orchid—specifically Radiant Orchid—is also Pantone's colour of the year for 2014. Coincidence or conspiracy? Who knows, but I'm into it:

Radiant Orchid Pantone

I think what's great about wearing this colour in the Lollitint stain format is that you can go as subtle or as bright as you want (by layering it). It can be bold and trendy or just a super-pretty sheer wash of colour.

Oh, and the staying power? Incredible. I took this next shot four or five hours after the first one—and this is after cleaning my arm with makeup remover. The stain does not budge.

Benefit Lollitint review swatched

Obviously it would be a bit different on your lips when you're eating stuff with oils... but still.

I should also note that this stain has a creamy texture that's similar to my other favourite Benefit stain, Cha Cha Tint (which is a sheer mango/coral colour).

Benefit Lollitint review

I prefer the creamy format compared to the thin, watery Benetint and Posietint, which I find harder to work with and not as pigmented. You still have to move fast to spread the stain where you want it to go before it sets, but I find Lollitint a little more forgiving.

To sum up? I could not love this product more. And this is after having a quiet love affair in the fall with Cha Cha Tint again (which launched in 2011). With my skin tone and warm hair colour, I think the cool-toned Lollitint is even more flattering.

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