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Hate Creamy Hair Products? Herbal Essences Naked Is For You

These shampoos got the all-clear.
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Herbal Essences Naked

The newest launch from Herbal Essences caught my eye because I've recently come to the conclusion that rich, white, creamy shampoos just do NOT work for my hair type. These ones—called Naked—are all completely clear! Imagine that. They're also free of heavy residues, parabens and dyes... hence the name "Naked."

Personally, I see these as something in between the clarifying shampoos I talked about last week and a regular (often too greasy/creamy) shampoo. Although to clarify (ha), they don't actually claim these are clarifying. Because they're so clear and lightweight, and don't contain gunky residues, I think they can have a similar effect while still being gentle enough to use daily.

Herbal Essences Naked Collection

I snapped the pic above of just a few prodz from the line, which is divided into Shine, Volume and Moisture, and consists of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. I tried the Naked Volume Shampoo, and unlike many others of its kind (which tend to be so rich, they're really moisturizing shampoos masquerading as volume), it didn't leave my hair overly conditioned. It felt clean and bouncy, not weighed down, and I could get away with shampooing every other day instead of daily. Because I like to mix things up, I used the Naked Shine Conditioner on my ends, and found it to be similarly light and non-greasy.

Of note is the Naked Moisture Cleansing Conditioner, which I'm going to stay away from but might interest those of you on the "no poo" train. Among the styling products, I'm most intrigued by the Naked Dry Shampoo, which is an oil-free tapioca starch formula with zero white residue. Currently testing to see how it fares against my beloved Dove Style + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo—stay tuned!

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