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Burt's Bees is Teaming Up With Bellavance To Save the Bees

Cool collab alert! This month, Burt's Bees is working with NYC fashion label Bellavance for a GREAT cause.
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Fellow lip balm lovers, now is the time to replenish your wares. Just by picking up one of Burt's Bees limited-edition lip balm packs, you'll be helping to save lost and solitary bees!

(Lost and solitary. Doesn't that make you sad for them little ol' bees? I KNOW.)

Here's the scoop: Burt's Bees has teamed up with hot indie fashion label Bellavance (based in NYC but co-founded by a Canadian!) for a super-cute beauty collab that's available for a short time starting this month. You're looking at their creation right here—a 100 percent organic cotton holster that holds four lip balms inside:

Bellavance x Burt's Bees (2)

Isn't it darling? The honeycomb print is too cute! Inside, it has a velcro seal, and opens up to reveal four elasticized holders (two small and two large). The lip balms come with it, too!

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Of course, you could use the pouch to hold anything else your heart desires. You could totally fit a lipstick in here, or even a stick foundation or blush.

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These are the balms included: Tinted Lip Balm in Blush Orchid and Hibiscus, and NEW Lip Shimmers in Grapefruit (pink) and Apricot (peach).

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The best part is that 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward Pollinator Partnership Canada, a charity that's aiming to build 100 sustainable bee hotels (OMG, how cute!) across Canada by 2015 for those poor lost bees.

(Another way to help the bees is by picking up the new Coconut & Pear Lip Balm; proceeds will also go to the bee hotels.)

I should mention that the cost of the four lip balms alone would be $28, but here, you're getting all four—plus the holster—for $19.99. That bee a great deal!

Where to Buy

Find the Bellavance x Burt’s Bees Limited Edition Lip Collection & Holster at burtsbees.ca and boutiques where Bellavance is sold.

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