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What Do You Think of Kristen Stewart's New Haircut?

Goodbye, long hair (and Robert Pattinson); hello, short disheveled crop!
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Kristen Stewart haircut 2014 (1)

Celebrity hairstylist Ken O'Rourke gave Kristen Stewart this haircut on Tuesday, in Paris.

It happened just one hour before the Chanel couture show.

He used ZERO hair products.

And it was done in the bathroom.

Kristen Stewart haircut 2014 (4)

Looking at the end result, I have to say that none of that surprises me at all. I mean—doesn't it look like a haircut that was done real quick in a bathroom?

But I know this is how K-Stew rolls, and I can see how the disheveled, boyish chop kinda suits her, with the bitchy resting face and all.

Plus, it was apparently a breakup haircut... a year after the split with Robert Pattinson. A source told Hollywood Life:

"Kristen wanted a change, she wanted to change things up. It was completely her decision to cut her hair. She’s done with the past and wants to be known for her work instead of any of the scandals that happened in the past. She feels really positive about herself and is just excited about her new freedom—letting go of regrets, stuff that holds you back. She’s moved on. Kristen is so over the whole Robsten thing. Cutting her hair was like purging that whole image."

Kristen Stewart haircut 2014 (2)

Call me cynical, but I feel like short hair is more just a career move—in the path of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence before her—instead of anything to do with R-Patz. All the young actresses do it when they're trying to be taken more seriously and shed an image from the past.

Personally, I prefer the long hair. The orange (which we know she has for her role in American Ultra) had really grown on me when it was long, but I don't like it at this shorter length.

Here's the before (from Cannes) and after comparison:

Kristen Stewart haircut 2014 before and after

Maybe it'll look better if she loses the orange... or goes even shorter (which supposedly she's doing for her next role in Equals).

I guess we'll wait and see how this pans out! In the meantime, I'm pretty concerned about how Karl Lagerfeld is outfitting the poor girl:

Kristen Stewart haircut 2014 (3)

Sheer mesh high-waisted bell-bottom harem pants? Sometimes I swear Karl is effing with us...

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