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Do or Don't: This Bouffant Updo on Christina Hendricks

So we know it's a wig—but is Christina's high-volume hairstyle working here?
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Christina Hendricks, God's Pocket photocall, 2014 (1)

I love any opportunity to look at pictures of Christina Hendricks, who's still a beauty favourite of mine despite the recent epiphany/coming-to-Jesus moment about her hair. It's not real, and that's okay. I've dealt with it. I won't judge a girl for wearing wigs... as long as they're fantastic ones.

But that's the key, isn't it? Now that I have this new information about Christina's reliance on wigs, I think I'm looking at her hair in a different, more scrutinizing light.

For example, at this week's photocall for God's Pocket in London, she wore a great big bouffant updo—and unfortunately, it's looking pretty wiggy to me.

But you might need to see her whole outfit to make a decision:

Christina Hendricks, God's Pocket photocall, 2014 (2)

I freakin' LOVE this striped Vivienne Westwood dress for her, though maybe sizing up would've been better for the hips and boobage. Not into the Jimmy Choos.

Anyway, with this outfit, an updo made total sense; I get it. I just don't think this is the most modern style of updo:

Christina Hendricks, God's Pocket photocall, 2014 (3)

There is SO much volume at the top, and is that not a bit old lady-ish? Especially with the bangs and the tendrils on either side of her face. It feels quite dated to me, and seems to age her.

If you're gonna do volume these days, then I feel like it needs to be more off-the-face and sculptural—like Selena Gomez here, or Iggy Azalea at the ESPYs.

Then there's the issue with Christina's wig placement itself. This is something that's been bugging me for a while. Do you see it?

Christina Hendricks, God's Pocket photocall, 2014 (4)

Her wig is too far back. You can see a couple centimetres of her natural hairline there. I feel like if she pushed her wig forward so it matched up, it would look far more natural. Alas, if you go back and look at past pics, this is an ongoing issue.

What can I say except it's a good thing her makeup's so nice, right? My guess on the lip colour is Lancôme Rouge in Love in Midnight Rose, a sheer pop of fuchsia. Pair with Christina's favourite blush, Make Up For Ever HD Blush in 210 Cool Pink (this is my shade too!).

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