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Less serious and more unexpected than red.
Hailee Steinfeld, The Riot Club premiere, 2014

I can't believe Hailee Steinfeld is only 17—you? 

It's not because I think she looks older than her years, or that she's dressing too maturely for her age. It's just that, red carpet-wise, she looks like someone who already has their s--- together. She's really got her own style going on, and it's so much more sophisticated than peers like Bella Thorne (age 16) and Debby Ryan (age 21).

Also? She tapped one of the BEST celebrity makeup artists, Nick Barose, to do her makeup at TIFF. Usually, celebs have to slowly ascend through the ranks until they get upgraded to an A-list hair and makeup team (as we've seen so many times in the before and afters). Hailee, as you can see from Nick's exquisite makeup job, has gone straight to the top.

Hailee Steinfeld, The Riot Club premiere, 2014

This was at the Toronto premiere of 'The Riot Club' and Hailee chose a classic beauty formula: hair back and parted deep to one side to sweep over the forehead; full, natural brows and lashes; and rich, bright colour on the lips.

Which brings me to the key point. The lipstick, it's magenta. Not red, which would be so predictable. And not fuchsia either. But magenta, which is deeper and more sophisticated than a hot pink. 

I like this idea for fall! I like it a lot.

Hailee Steinfeld, The Riot Club premiere, 2014

Nick had this to say about the colour on his Instagram: "Try magenta lips this fall, it's bold but less serious than classic red and since the colour has both red and blue in it, it'll go with a lot of skin tones."

I would listen to the man, he knows his stuff! He's the guy behind all of Lupita Nyong'o's awards season amazingness, by the way.

The exact shade he chose for Hailee was the new Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Dominant, a true, rich magenta. Note that it's just ever-so-slightly shimmering, but not as much as the lipstick we saw on Amanda Seyfried the other day. Again, I think there's a new movement coming with this texture...

It would look great against just clean skin and mascara, but I like how Hailee is wearing it for evening drama—with a not-too-bold smoky eye in charcoal and lots of lashes. (Note there are no false ones... the best makeup artists almost never use 'em.)

I know you're also thinking about the little concealer creases at the inner corners of her eyes. I'm not too bothered by them, but it is something we've seen again and again on Hailee. Clearly, she has not tried Pixi Correction Concentrate yet!

Hailee Steinfeld, The Riot Club premiere, 2014

All in all, I love this look and especially the lip colour as we head into fall. The prospect of trying this out almost makes me excited about the arrival of cooler weather. Almost.

Here are a few other magentas to try:

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