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Now You Can Smell Like Fabric Softener on the Go

Warm Cotton, Cool Cotton; all day, every day.
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Clean Warm Cotton & Cool Cotton Dual Ended Rollerball

Clean Warm Cotton & Cool Cotton Dual Ended Rollerball

This post is for those of us who think straight-up Downy is among the best scents in the world. (Everyone else, go off and mist yourself with Shalimar, or something.)

My fellow lovers of laundry fragrances, I have news. Clean, the makers of simple and fresh soapy scents, have just come out with a Warm Cotton & Cool Cotton duo. If you're looking for a light, clean, everyday go-to, this could be The One!

Or The Two, to be more accurate. On the one side, you get Warm Cotton, which to me is the most laundry-ish of the pair. And yet it's kinda sexy, thanks to the musky base. The notes are citrus, watery green pear, verbena, floral essences, fruit essences, marine essences, jasmine, orange flower, musk, fougere and amber.

On the other side is Cool Cotton, which has a little outdoorsy twist—like you took your cotton T-shirt and let it dry on the line, in the gentle breeze. The notes include bergamot, sparkling mandarin, green apple, lemon zest, cotton accord, mint and peach. 

So two fabric softener-esque perfumes, that you can wear alone or layer together. In one skinny purse-sized rollerball bottle. For that snuggly 'eau de fresh T-shirt out of the dryer' scent, all the time, on the go. Is there anything better? 

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