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Sephora Makes Affordable Sheet Masks Now

They're your pre-party fix for hydrated, glowing skin.
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Sephora Collection Rose Mask

Sephora Collection Rose Mask

Remember when all those celebrities were posting Instagram photos of themselves wearing sheet masks?

A year later, and sheet masks are more readily available—and more affordable—than ever before. Especially thanks to the new range of single-dose, $8 masks from Sephora! There are six different ones to choose from:

  • Rose is moisturizing and brightening
  • Ginseng is toning and revitalizing
  • Pomegranate is anti-fatigue and energizing
  • Pearl is perfecting and brightening
  • Green Tea is mattifying and anti-blemish
  • Honey is nourishing and balancing

How's that for a selection? Take that, SK-II, with your $17-apiece sheet masks! (Well, the SK-II ones are still awesome. But I got them free, and it's not like I'm going to spending $100+ on a pack of masks anytime soon.)

Honestly? I think the Sephora ones are just as good. And now is the perfect time to grab one for your pre-party beauty prep! 

I swear that other face masks just don't compare to the sheet kind. That's because the cloth itself (made of soft cotton fibres) keeps the mask ingredients in contact with your skin for longer, making it more deeply hydrating (and delivering a deeper infusion of whatever other ingredients are in there). Your face will literally just drink up all the goodness. I've even found I can get two uses out of one sheet mask, they're so soaked in serum.

These would also make a GREAT inexpensive stocking stuffer, Secret Santa gift or treat for your girlfriends!

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Find the Sephora Collection Face Masks at Sephora.

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