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Drew Barrymore's $10 Rollerball Perfume is Unexpectedly Pretty

It's called Cherished, and it's not your average celebrity scent.
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Flower Beauty Cherished Rollerball

Flower Beauty Cherished Rollerball

As many of you guys know, celebrity scents aren't usually my bag... and I doubt they're yours, either. There are only a handful of exceptions I've discovered over the years: J.Lo Glow, the Olsen twins' Nirvana Black... and now Drew Barrymore's Cherished by Flower Beauty.

Last month, I had the career/life highlight of meeting Drew when she was in Toronto to launch her range in Canada. Most of it is makeup (which truthfully, I was underwhelmed by), and then there are three brand-new fragrances: Radiant, Sultry and Cherished, each composed for the emotions related to specific times of day. 

Lemme tell you: the "morning" one, Cherished, is what you want. Yes, I realize it's only $10 and sells at Walmart, but it's actually really nice!

Cherished is by far the softest and prettiest of Drew's scent trio, and it does NOT smell cheap. Instead of the usual overpowering fruity-floral notes, what I get is "watery meets musky," with a hint of cuddly creaminess. The blend includes dewy notes, blackcurrant, Italian lemon, iris, rose, lily of the valley, Tahitian vanilla, cotton, musk and sandalwood. 

I'm not as crazy for Sultry, the sexy "nighttime" one; it's okay but something about it reminds me of a cheap '80s scent or a low-budget version of Angel. Notes are plum, pink pepper, cranberry, blackberry, cashmeran, patchouli, vanilla and musk. The not-great one is Radiant, a so-called uplifting "daytime" scent with Italian bergamot, water, rose, pink peony, magnolia, musk, amber and white wood. It's a scrubber—smells sour and old lady-ish on me.

Soooo... if you need a pretty, basic and inoffensive all-occasion scent, then I say go for Cherished. At just $10 for the rollerball, it makes total sense for stashing in your handbag or a drawer at the office. It lasts for hours, too!

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