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Do or Don't: Alicia Witt's Chartreuse Eyeshadow

Points for creativity?
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Alicia Witt, House of Lies season 4 premiere, 2015

Alicia Witt at the season 4 premiere of 'House of Lies' in 2015.

Is chartreuse eyeshadow EVER okay?

That, my friends, is the question of the day, because I'll bet you just did a serious double take upon seeing this photo of 'House of Lies' star Alicia Witt. Just wait 'til we get to the close-up!

The last (and only other time) we saw our friend Alicia—who I must say, looks remarkably youthful at age 39—was a year ago, at the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala. (Still to this day, probably the best red carpet EVER for beauty.) Not that Alicia did anything too ground-breaking there. I suppose this week's makeup experiment makes up for that.

From afar, in a simple black dress and blue heels, there's no indication that anything is untoward:

Alicia Witt, House of Lies season 4 premiere, 2015

At least she played it safe with the dress.

And now... wait for it... wait for it... 

Two big ol' swipes of eyeshadow in the colour Joan Rivers (RIP) once said made her "puke":

Alicia Witt, House of Lies season 4 premiere, 2015

Alicia Witt's multi-coloured makeup statement.

Well HELLO there, eyeshadow. Bold choices here in colour AND placement.

Not to rain on Alicia's parade, but I think there's a reason most things don't come in chartreuse. Whether in clothes or in makeup, it's usually mega-unflattering.

There's also a reason we only ever see this colour family on models, or people like Elle Fanning. Elle Fanning is 16 years old. That's about the target age for yellow-green makeup.

"Yeah, yeah," I hear you saying. "So what? It's not meant to be natural-looking. She's being artistic." And I get that. I just don't know if this is the best execution of artistic. I mean, her eyeshadow is wearing eyeshadow, you guys. 

If Alicia (or anyone) was going to play with this colour, I think concentrating it along the upper lash line might've worked, against lashes and bare lids—without the sparkly silver distracting from the bold makeup statement. I also feel like the lip colour could be dialled way back so it's not fighting as much with the yellow. 

Basically, the Elle Fanning way of wearing these things, minus the teenage collagen.

Alicia Witt, House of Lies season 4 premiere, 2015

Could Alicia Witt's unusual eyeshadow application be a new trend?

Or maybe this peacock-looking eyeshadow thing is just a new trend I'm not aware of yet? Eeks, I'll be sitting this one out.

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