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Olivia Munn Just Wore Purple Mascara (Without Looking Crazy)

A new way to add bold colour.
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Olivia Munn, Mortdecai premiere 2015

Olivia Munn at the 2015 premiere of 'Mortdecai'.

Remember when Stella McCartney sent her models down the runway wearing electric blue mascara?

That was ages ago, fall 2012, and now the trend has finally—FINALLY!—trickled down to the red carpet, via one Olivia Munn. 

So you know what that means. Get ready to start seeing bold, bright colours on the eyelashes near you. 

Here's what Olivia wore to the recent premiere of 'Mortdecai':

Olivia Munn, Mortdecai premiere 2015

Olivia is wearing a Ralph Rucci gown.

Okay, so black dress, cutouts, soft wavy hair... nothing too groundbreaking. 

The REAL action is happening on the face:

Olivia Munn, Mortdecai premiere 2015

Close-up of Olivia's purple lash look.

Whoa, mama. I love this! 

We're so used to bright colour via eyeliner and eyeshadow that doing it in a mascara suddenly feels SO fresh and fun. This way, there's no worrying about where to place the pigment, how thick or thin to draw the line, or how intense it should be. 

Contrary to what you might imagine, I don't think coloured lashes can ever look overdone... that is, not unless you wear 'em with strong colours elsewhere on the face.

Behind the purple, you can see a sweep of black liner in a gentle flick, which adds needed definition to Olivia's eyes so they don't get lost (otherwise known as "grounding" the colour). Then there's some pretty pink on the lips and cheeks. 

The only thing I don't like here, as you can probably guess, is the way-too-obvious lip liner. And perhaps her brows are filled in with a pencil that's a bit too warm, which is a problem we've noticed on Olivia before.

To get this lash look, her makeup artist, Shane Paish, used Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in It-Violet, which I believe was out in North America for a hot minute but is still around in the UK:

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in Violet

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in It-Violet

This mascara is available in North America in It-Pink, the same amazing hot pink colour as that Dior liquid liner I test-drove as a "beauty dare" in the fall. I have the pink mascara, and it really does coat the lashes well with pigment, unlike the coloured mascaras of seasons past that didn't really show up.

Or you could try another Dior mascara formula. Classic Diorshow comes in Catwalk Blue, and Diorshow Iconic in Navy Blue.

Shane also speaks highly of the new Gucci coloured mascara (Opulent Volume Mascara), which comes in Iconic Ottanio (teal) and Midnight Blue.

Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara in Iconic Ottanio

Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara in Iconic Ottanio

There is also Sephora's Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara in Blue or Purple. I have a hunch that even more options will be arriving in time for summer.

One final look at Olivia:

Olivia Munn, Mortdecai premiere 2015

Olivia's lashes add a hint of colour.

See how from afar, the purple lashes don't overtake the look or scream out for attention? (As eyeliners and eyeshadows can sometimes do.)

They just add a hint of flirty colour... and most of all, FUN! Are you game to try this?

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