How to Transition from a Pixie to a Bob

Do this while your sides catch up.
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Do this while your sides catch up.
How to transition from a pixie to a bob

Welcome to our Ask Beautyeditor column, where our experts answer your hair, skin and makeup questions. To request an online hair consultation from celebrity hairstylist Bill Angst:

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Q: Bill said to send new photos if I had decided to grow out my hair. [See Jamie's first consultation here.] 

Hair consultation - Jamie

Jamie is back with more hair questions for Bill.

It is much more healthy now and a medium brown. It had a reddish tint, but that recently faded out. 

Hair consultation - Jamie

Jamie's hair is in between a pixie and a bob.

I've been growing it out since about August. I've gotten it to a sort of middle ground between a pixie and a bob, so I'm just confused as to what to do next. Not all the sides have caught up yet. — Jamie

A: Jamie, at this point I would shift your part to a messy off-centre part.

This cut could be parted anywhere, but for a strong shift in your look, part it off-centre. 

Also cut the back off—this will give you a great shape to continue growing.

Chin length bob

A chin-length bob with a messy off-centre part.

Soft highlights and lighter ends would add extra character to this cut. This will soften any harshness from the new part, and your eyes will pop.

You might also consider starting to use a molding paste.

Tucking your hair back, away from your face, will also show off both eyes.

Ginnifer Goodwin, Metropolitan Opera Gala 2011

Ginnifer Goodwin at the 2011 Metropolitan Opera Gala.

This length with messy ends would be super-pretty as well. The slightly darker colour with your hair off your face and tucked back… so elegant.

Then there's the addition of a fringe to open up both eyes. Pow pow…

Christina Ricci, MOCA event, 2007

Christina Ricci at a 2007 MOCA event.

This colour is pretty sweet as well.

I think this is all for now… please send pictures when it gets to the next length, with or without fringe.


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