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Jared Leto did it better.

Oh that clever Kardashian family! Always a PR trick up their sleeves!

The latest, of course, in case you haven't been chained to the Internet this morning, is Kim's freshly bleached blonde hair, debuted at today's fall 2015 Balmain show in Paris. 

Here's where we were coming from (an actually cute pic of her from December):

Kim Kardashian, ACRIA holiday benefit 2014

Kim Kardashian at the 2014 ACRIA holiday benefit.

Sure, this hair is probably not even real, and there's a situation (well, many situations) with the forehead versus the cheeks. But I don't think anyone could argue that this is her Life Cut/Colour, and whatever you think about Kim, it IS—er, was—perfect for her. Why eff with a great thing?!

Say bye-bye, because here's what just happened:

Kim Kardashian blonde hair

Kim Kardashian's carefully timed blonde hair announcement this morning.

Yep, she didn't just go honey blonde or "bronde", which would've made the most sense with her skin tone. Nope, she went drastically platinum, thanks to celebrity colourist Lorri Goddard—who managed to lift it many, many levels in just "one try".

Now, it actually doesn't look terrible to me in the Instagram pic. Not my favourite by any stretch of the imagination, but not terrible either. Sometimes, it can actually work to clash your hair colour with your skin tone and do a cool pale blonde with warm olivey skin like Kim has.

Except that's not quite what happened. The big reveal at Paris Fashion Week today:

Kim Kardashian blonde hair

Kim Kardashian at the Balmain fall 2015 show.

Is it just me or this not actually platinum blonde?

I thought platinum meant more of a white blonde. This is a wonky green-blonde—like it somehow didn't lift properly and needs major toning. (So much for the "one try" process.)

Whatever happened, the new shade is doing her complexion NO favours. None! Maybe the hairstylist secretly hates her.

Probably the fact that her cheeks and lips are so inflated contributes to the alien vibes. (You can't really pull off the cool girl with bleached-out hair when your face is this tinkered with. Am I right?)

Or maybe, as I often suspect with celebs, the new hair is a distraction from other interventions:

Kim Kardashian blonde hair

Close-up of Kim Kardashian at the Balmain fall 2015 show.

Thoughts? Compare and contrast with the last time we saw her close-up, at the Grammys. I really can't say if any facial features changed... I just know that this colour is accentuating the caked-on makeup problem like never before. And she looks so grey! I'm not one for fake tans, but I'll take them and gobs of bronzer before a grey complexion.

Meanwhile, what are the chances that Jared Leto also revealed his own platinum blonde AT THE VERY SAME SHOW today?

Jared Leto blonde hair

Jared Leto also debuted new platinum blonde hair at Balmain.

Girl got totally upstaged! Coincidence... or conspiracy?

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