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Moving on from Joan and 'Mad Men'.

When I opened my email yesterday, there was a message from Thomas titled "SOS".

Immediately, I click it open, and there's a link to the Daily Mail, plus a few choice words: "Red alert, emergency, this is not a drill... Christina Hendricks has gone BLONDE. I repeat—BLONDE. This is not a drill!! RIP to one of the greatest hair colour/skin tone combinations of all time."

You see? He IS hyper hair colour-aware.

Here's Christina Hendricks before, at the Zac Posen show last month:

Christina Hendricks, Zac Posen show 2015

Christina Hendricks at the fall 2015 Zac Posen show.

And here's her brand new blonde hair colour, debuted on set for her latest Clairol Nice 'n Easy ad:

Christina Hendricks blonde hair

Christina Hendricks' new blonde hair colour on set for Clairol.

Christina's been dyeing her hair red for more than 20 years, so this is major!

And the change wasn't just for Clairol (for whom Christina is a spokesperson). With 'Mad Men' ending, "I was associating that red colour with Joan, even though I had been that colour way before... they began to represent each other," the actress told Refinery 29. Going blonde—albeit strawberry blonde—represented "a fresh start."

It's also a savvy career move. Even though I loved Christina as a redhead, the bright copper wasn't the most natural-looking (as per Tony Chaar's hair colour-skin tone tips). Now she can play a wider range of roles without being stereotyped as "that actress from 'Mad Men'."

Plus, I'm wondering if 20+ years of red hair dye wasn't awfully hard on the condition of her hair, which is naturally blonde and closer to this new hue. We already know she's got an enormous wig collection, so maybe with the blonde, she won't have to rely on them so much? Furthermore, if she has any greys, the blonde will make it much easier to camouflage them.

I know Thomas doesn't agree, but I actually like the new colour better. Sure, it's not as "traffic-stopping," but it's a bit kinder and softer on Christina's complexion. I think the red would've been harder to maintain as she aged—it was such a contrast against her pale skin that even the littlest imperfections (like the heavy-handed blush in the photo above) were highlighted.

Here's Clairol's behind-the-scenes video:

And here's the new ad:

Christina Hendricks blonde hair for Clairol

Christina Hendricks stars in this new ad for Clairol.

Yep, Christina's new shade is 8G Natural Medium Golden Blonde (before, she was 6R Natural Light Auburn). Apparently, she dyes it herself! 

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