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How to Hide Thinning Hair and Bald Spots

Add strategic volume.
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How to hide thinning hair and bald spots

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Q: Hi Bill, I have always hated my hair. It's thin and I have quite a few baldish spots that started six or seven years go. 

Hair consultation - Shannen

Shannen is the brunette on the left.

When I put my hair up in a bun or ponytail (which I often do), I have to check in the mirror to make sure you can't see any of the bald spots. 

When my hair is just down, I usually need to tease the back a bit to hide the thinning at the back, or pull some hair back from the front to cover it.

Hair consultation - Shannen

Shannen (right) wants a cut that works for her thin hair.

I would love to get your thoughts on an ideal cut, colour and possibly anything else I could do. I'm always self-conscious about my hair. My natural colour is a medium brown; I usually dye it dark, and it eventually fades to medium brown. Thank you! — Shannen

Hair consultation - Shannen

Shannen (left) has naturally medium brown hair that she dyes darker.

A: Shannen, I think your natural approach to styling is perfect for you.

A shorter length, freed by the shoulders, will allow more natural volume. The ends have a lighter highlight in this photo—this is a great way to trick the eye.

Jessica Alba, Machete premiere, 2010

Jessica Alba at the 2010 premiere of 'Machete'.

Random wand waves will also add to the volume and draw the eye to this detail.

Here is the edgier version of this style. A texturizing spray will help add volume and character.

Alexa Chung textured bob

Alexa Chung's textured lob.

Off-the-face styling helps accumulate the volume of hair in the sides and crown. This should help with great hair distribution.

Kristen Stewart, MTV Movie Awards 2009

Kristen Stewart at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

Stick with a lighter colour, not a dark tone, as your scalp is light and will show through.

If you would like to discuss the possible causes of your hair loss issues through the comments, then we can help others. Or email and we can do a private consultation about this if you wish.


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