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Introducing Better Skin in 7: A New, FREE Skincare Course!

Plus a fresh new look for Beautyeditor.
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Better Skin in 7 free skincare course

First things first, things look a bit different around here today!

As you can see, this website had some work done: there's a brand new layout, wordmark, colours and fonts, plus an even faster mobile experience. My team and I have been working on this redesign for a looong time, so I'm thrilled to finally show you the big makeover!

Say Hello to Beautyeditor

The biggest change is a new name: Beautyeditor (not Beauty Editor). This site has evolved a great deal since it launched back in 2009—eeks, I felt a new wrinkle form as I wrote that!—and so has the whole concept of being a beauty editor. As the Los Angeles Times recently pointed out, editors and magazines are no longer the be all and end all in beauty. These days, bloggers are just as credible—maybe even more so. I should know; I've been straddling both worlds for years now!

Condensing the name into one word acknowledges this evolution. The site may have started out as a peek into the mysterious world of magazine beauty editors, but now, it's more about my edited approach to beauty. Beautyeditor will continue to be a destination for smart skincare and beauty advice, product suggestions and inspiration. (Of course, you also know I'm all about editing any bad, harmful, filler ingredients out of our regimens!)

I want to thank my incredible designer, Lois Kim, who created the fresh new brand identity and layout. I had a feeling about what I wanted the new Beautyeditor to look like, and she not only got my aesthetic right away, but exceeded ALL my expectations. Lois, merci for your talent, creativity... and infinite patience! I also want to thank my Say Media family for bringing the redesign to life!

There may be a few kinks to iron out over the next few days, but I hope you love the new look as much as I do.

Wait, there's more...

Better Skin in 7

Better Skin in 7

Better Skin in 7 is a FREE mini-course, delivered via email, that I've created just for you!

Over a series of seven lessons, I'll be sharing what REALLY works to improve your skin naturally. I believe that truly healthy skin is only possible when you integrate a safe, effective skincare routine with smart nutrition, balanced hormones and a healthful, low-stress lifestyle—so I'd love to help you get there. 

What you'll learn:

  • Why you NEED to get quality beauty sleep
  • How to nourish your skin from within
  • The best way to wash your face
  • Why you should exfoliate (gently!) every day
  • How to find the right moisturizer (if you need one)
  • What to look for in a sunscreen
  • How the right makeup can actually HELP your skin

If you're a regular reader here, then you may be familiar with some of these ideas already, but the course also includes NEW information I haven't even talked about yet on the blog. This is the first time I've distilled my skincare "philosophy" into a complete system. I get asked so many questions about skincare that hopefully this course will serve as a great starting point for anyone looking to make improvements. (But do keep the questions coming, I always love hearing from you!)

One more thing—these are the steps that helped me turn my own skin around, from hormonal breakouts, an oily T-zone, redness, dullness and pigmentation, to a complexion that I'm pretty happy with today. If I can do it, so can you!

Sign up for Better Skin in 7

Existing subscribers will be receiving this course, but if you're not on the list yet, you can sign up right here: 

I hope you find it helpful! As always, I'd love to hear your feedback and questions.