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"6 Super Common Eye Makeup Mistakes You're Probably Making & How To Fix Them"

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By Carolyn Steber, March 2016

I definitely got in the habit of making three stripes on my eyelids when trying to create a smoky eye. I think it was the three-color palette I used to have that did to me. I'd swipe the shades on as directed (well, more precisely, not as directed) and consider it done. But, turns out, blending is where it's at if you want your eyeshadow to look halfway decent.

As Michelle Villett noted on Beautyeditor.ca, "Blending is the most important thing. Often, what separates a rather amateur-looking eyeshadow application from a jaw-droppingly gorgeous, professional-looking one simply comes down to blending. Or not blending, as the case may be." So use that eyeshadow brush — they give it to you for a reason.

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