As Seen in The Daily Mail - Beautyeditor

As Seen in The Daily Mail

"Hey girl, has Ryan Gosling had a nose job? Heartthrob reported to have gone under the knife before he was famous"

Beautyeditor as seen in The Daily Mail

By Bianca London, December 2013

  • Beauty blogger accuses Gosling of having nose job 
  • Uses before and after pictures to highlight her case 
  • Harley Street surgeon believes he has had minor changes made

Ryan Gosling won the hearts of women worldwide back in 2004 when he played lovestruck teen Noah in The Notebook and has kept us enthralled ever since, earning himself a reputation as one of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs. 

But one beauty blogger has accused the actor of having a little helping hand in the looks department in the form of a nose job. Hey girl, prepare for a lot of hate mail. 

Beauty blogger Michelle Villett has accused Gosling of having gone under the knife to straighten, thin and refine his nose on beauty website Beautyeditor.ca

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